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'Glee' Star Cory Monteith Gushes Over Taylor Swift: 'She's Pretty Fantastic!'

Sun, April 18, 2010 3:09pm EDT by Add first Comment


There’s been no official confirmation (or denial) about whether Cory is dating Taylor, but one thing’s for sure — he’s nuts about her!

“Pretty fantastic” is how Cory Monteith describes his “great friend” Taylor Swift while chatting with CMT Radio Live host Cody Alan, People reports. During the interview, Cory spills on a recent trip to Pinz Bowling in Studio City (pictured above) and admits that he was no match for Taylor’s pin-dominating skills. has exclusive details from Taylor and Cory’s trip to the bowling alley Mar. 23 — and it sounds like Cory had his sights on a lot more than just the pins!

Pinz staffer Mike Kyle tells us EXCLUSIVELY that Taylor and Cory “were hand in hand. He was paying for her. She was like, ‘No no.’ But he was like, ‘No, I want to.’ Then she kinda smiled at him.” Not only that, but they were hugging and nuzzling. Cute! “I know body language,” Mike adds. “And she was leaning into him. They were pretty much together, you could tell. They were kind of by themselves before everyone started playing.”

In his interview, which will air Apr. 21, Cory says, “I’m not gonna deny this — I was just an uncoordinated mess that day and I couldn’t put the ball into the pins. … I couldn’t do it. It was bad.”

Hm… maybe Cory was an “uncoordinated mess” that day because being around Taylor made him nervous! What do you think, BFFs? Is there harmony between these two singers — or is Cory just a really bad bowler? You tell us!

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