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Key Comments! Elin Nordegren Should Take The Kids & Go To Sweden!

Fri, April 16, 2010 5:16pm EDT by 29 Comments, Getty Images, Getty Images

Sorry, Tiger Woods! readers think you blew it — big time! You, our commenters, gave Tiger a piece of your minds … and here’s what you had to say!

Well, it’s really no surprise that Tiger Woods doesn’t have a ton of fans on right now. After all, we’ve been chronicling the golfer’s cheating ways for six months now! But you have a TON of opinions on what Tiger and Elin should do about their marriage and their kids. And most of you think Elin should take her children Sam and Charlie, move to Sweden, and let Tiger figure out his life … on his own! Here’s what YOU had to say!

mimi: “Elin is doing the right thing … to get away far away. Tiger Woods, it is all about him and him … look at the ‘women’ he surround himself with … trash! This cannot be repaired, there is nothing to repair. Elin is done …”

kim: “Tiger’s first love is himself, second love is sleeping with skanky women, third love — golf. His wife and family fall behind them. He IS choosing his public image over family. He should have waited to go back to golf or quit to try and save his marriage but no he chose his real love himself and his ego!”

NANLU: “[Elin] should have the kiddies. He has a nice jet and can see them when he wishes … go and play golf and get your life together.”

moralitypolice: “The kids will have a better chance at a normal life in Sweden. They won’t be hounded by the paps constantly and hopefully their mom will find some peace there, surrounded by her family and friends. How much time did Tiger really spend with the kids anyway? Between the golf trips and his army of mistresses/hookers, what free time did Tiger have left? Now that Tiger will soon be single, he’ll be able to juggle 40+ women, easily. Looking forward to the next Nike commercial.”

gbtw: “I agree. The kids’ best chance at normalcy is in Sweden. I highly doubt tiger will do enough to take time out of his schedule to build his relationship with them, but maybe he’ll surprise us all. He really f’ed this thing up. I hope he doesn’t spiral into an over-sexed mess going from tournaments to clubs to beds and back over and again [because] if he does that, the kids will never see him.”