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Brangelina: Why Are You Dressing Little Vivienne Like A Boy Too? Plus Shiloh Gets A New Haircut!

Fri, April 16, 2010 7:54pm EDT by 66 Comments,, Ramey,, Ramey

Wow! What’s going on in the Brangelina household?

Do the big bros of the Jolie-Pitt clan — Maddox and Pax — really rule the roost so much that Shiloh and Vivienne just want to be two of the boys?

Or does Daddy Brad Pitt have the same effect on his daughters that he has on women around the world — they melt for him!  In this case, since Brad is dad, they just really want to be daddy’s girls. As in literally dressing like him. It was one thing to have Shiloh dressed like a boy, but now Brad and Angelina Jolie are doing the same thing to little Viv!

Vivienne’s in a motorcycle jacket just like many of dad’s, while Shiloh’s in yet another a blazer. AND BFF’s, check out Shiloh’s even SHORTER short hair cut.

What’s going on? Tell us what you think!