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EXCLUSIVE! Tina Fey For President! Co-star Says She Should Run For Office!

Thu, April 15, 2010 2:04pm EDT by Add first Comment
Courtesy of NBC, Getty Images

Courtesy of NBC, Getty Images

Forget Sarah Palin, Tina Fey would dominate in the political arena!

Tina Fey doesn’t just do a great impersonation of Sarah Palin. The 30 Rock star is also a stellar multi-tasker who juggles marriage, motherhood, a hit sitcom and a movie career! She has everything it takes to be a great politician (with none of the skeletons in her closet)! Her 30 Rock co-star Judah Friedlander agrees! “I think if she ran [for office], she’d do well” Judah told exclusively on the Green Carpet of Otarian’s Grand Opening Cocktail Event in NYC on April 14.

“I have no idea if she would want to run for office, but I think if she ran, she’d do well actually,” he said. “People really look up to Tina. She is super smart and will be successful at whatever she does,” he added.

“I have no idea how she does so much as it is. She does movies, tv, and she’s got a kid. I have no idea how she does it,” Judah said.

After working with Tina for almost four years, Judah knows she has what it takes to be an excellent delegator. “It’s great that Tina is creator, writer and star. Sometimes when you do a movie, the writer is not there. You just deal with the director. It’s great when you have the creator there because if you ever have a question about your character or anything or the angle they’re going for, the creator is right there. It’s almost like there is more control over it. It’s easier for everyone to be on the same page,” he said.

We agree with Judah. Tina is AWESOME!!! She can do anything and everything she puts her mind to. If she does run for office, she will definitely give Sarah Palin a run for her money!

– Lindsey DiMattina

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