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Kate Hudson: She’s Got New Implants — Is It A Post-Breakup Boob Job?

Thu, April 15, 2010 11:01am EDT by 19 Comments
Posted Thu, April 15, 2010 11:01am EDT

Oh Kate — did your breakup with A-Rod unnerve you so much that you gave up your awesome As?

Kate – the new is that  you’ve traded your perfect tiny cups for a pair of cleavage-enhancing C’s.

Us Weekly reports that you got a small breast augmentation in late March, but I have to say the chest makeover is obvious in a new bikini top photo.

It’s so obvious because Kate you always seemed so self confident about your tiny perky assets, you never made any attempt to enhance your bust, in fact you seemed to happily show off your cute boyish chest in plunging evening gowns and adorable little swimsuits. You seemed to have a refreshingly empowered attitude.

So Kate what happened? Was this a breakup boob job? Did the failed romance with A-Rod in Dec. so unnerve you, that you let insecurities over your body run wild?

If so, that’s so sad Kate. How crummy that a commitment-phobic crumbum like Yankee Alex Rodriguez could make you feel bad enough about yourself that you’d need a plastic surgery picker-upper.

Was the A-Rod breakup the last straw for you when you’ve been romantically-challenged? I know you’ve  had a string of not-quite-right relationships since the breakup of your six year marriage to singer Chris Robinson in 2006.

Since then you’ve been a  single mom to son Ryder, 6, and  been involved with comedian Dax Shepard, cyclist Lance Armstrong, and famously with Owen Wilson in a hot and heavy off and on love affair,  then A-Rod… and none have led to committed bliss.

But hey Kate, just because you happen to be attracted to the type of men who don’t cotton to well to committment, doesn’t mean you had to breakup with your A’s!

Hey, your equally flat chested mama Goldie Hawn is as gorgeous and sexy and… flat as you were and that didn’t stand in the way of her finding long lasting love with Kurt Russell.

Apparently Kate, you once had your breasts digitally enhanced for the promo poster for your 2008 film, Fool’s Gold, and you famously said at the time — “if I ever wanted to have them done, I’d take this poster to the doctor and say this is what I want them to look like.”

Well Kate, it looks like that’s exactly what you did!

So BFF’s do you like or loathe Kate’s new bigger boobs?

-Bonnie Fuller