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Kate G: Yes, We Get It (You Need the $$, You Were Mean to Jon) But Please, We've Heard It So MANY Times Before!

Wed, April 14, 2010 2:47pm EDT by Chloe Melas 7 Comments
Courtesy of the Today Show

Courtesy of the Today Show

The second portion of Kate’s two-part interview aired this morning on the Today Show and Kate clearly felt that she had to defend herself — for the zillionth time — against Jon’s accusations that she’s an ‘absentee’ mom.

Kate Gosselin, you completely let your guard down this morning, Apr. 14 when you were talking to Today Show host Meredith Vieira about remaining in the world of reality TV and your divorce with your ex-husband Jon Gosselin.

Kate went on to defend herself again in regards to Jon’s comments about her being an “absentee mom.” Kate tells Meredith that filming reality shows and being on DWTS is the only way to support her kids. “I don’t see another option — I have eight children to provide for,” she says. “This is a great opportunity. It’s certainly not going to cut the mustard working 12-hour shifts, six days a week, as a nurse.” We completely understand — especially since Kate is the primary income earner in their household. Jon has been out of a job for months and as far as we know has nothing in the works.

Kate’s been criticized for being too hard on her now ex-husband Jon Gosselin when the two of them were on TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus Eight. But in the second portion of this interview she admitted she’s hurt those around her. “I learned that in the heat of the moment I have a sharp tongue,” says Kate. “And looking back there are probably a lot of people that I love that I probably spoke to inappropriately. Those are the people that are beside you to support you and love you (she says emotionally). I’ve really learned to watch what I say.”

While Kate is out promoting her book I Just Want You To Know which hit bookstores Apr. 13 her brother Kevin Kreider testified against her in a legislative hearing citing Kate is damaging her eight children psychologically and that she’s basically exploiting her kids for money.

But TLC spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg disagrees “These allegations are either completely inaccurate or a distorted representation for maximum attention.”

Surprisingly, even Jon took to his Twitter page Apr. 14 to defend Kate! “Kate and I were doing what was best for our family,” he tweets. “And it [Jon & Kate Plus 8] gave us an opportunity to spend quality family time together.”

All eight children were given child-labor permits today and no legal action will be taken against Kate or TLC. It looks like the kids are in the clear to keep filming their upcoming shows Twist of Kate and Kate Plus 8.

– Chloe Melas


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