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Adam Lambert, You Really Rock As An ‘American Idol’ Mentor – You Were The Best Instructor Yet This Season!

Wed, April 14, 2010 1:57pm EDT by 9 Comments

The Idol kids finally woke up and smelled the guyliner after getting some reasonable, rational advice from Glambert last night. Thank god!

Can Adam Lambert be a mentor on American Idol every week? Pretty please with a cherry on top? Maybe it’s because his own Idol experience is so fresh – he WAS last year’s runner-up, after all – but in my opinion, the controversial king of cool was the best mentor yet this season!

The 28-year-old singer had no qualms about telling the contestants that they bored him and that they needed to “wake up a little bit” during Elvis Presley night April 13. Um, no kidding. Listening to Andrew Garcia week after week pretty much assures me at least a good 3-minute nap per episode!

Unfortunately, many of the singers on the show’s ninth season are total snooze-fests, and not even the Glam One could help them. How hard is it to make Elvis sound boring? Easy. Just ask Siobhan Magnus to sing “Suspicious Minds” or Katie Stevens to warble “Baby, What Do You Want Me to Do?” Here’s a thought: I want you to shut your mouth!

There are some fantastic singers this season – namely the dreadlocked Crystal Bowersox and sultry-voiced Michael Lynche. So WHY (and this does NOT apply to you Crystal – you’re fab) are the constants so afraid to be fun? Of showing some personality? Or making us CARE about American Idol?

Why can’t there be more Adam Lambert’s in the world? His presence on the show served to remind me what American Idol has the potential to be – and to produce. There is some true original talent out there, people – and unless you want to be one of the 10 people that buys Aaron Kelly’s debut CD, I suggest everyone vote for Crystal – the only one true original of the sad, soggy, boring bunch.


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