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EXCLUSIVE! Nikki Reed Backs Out Of 'K-11' Movie With Kristen Stewart!

Tue, April 13, 2010 2:10am EDT by 20 Comments
EXCLUSIVE! Nikki Reed Backs Out Of 'K-11' Movie With Kristen Stewart!
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Twilight co-stars and real-life friends Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart have planned for the last two years to star in the drama K-11 together, but Nikki told us April 12 she’s no longer part of the project! What happened?!

Nikki Reed and her BFF Kristen Stewart have been hyping their bizarre upcoming film, K-11, for nearly two years, but Nikki revealed to us she’s no longer doing the project — and acted like she’d barely even heard of it!

“I’m actually not a part of that,” the 21-year-old Twilight starlet said April 12 at the Simply Shakespeare fundraiser in Santa Monica, Calif. “Yeahhhh, I was. I’m not anymore.”

And that was that. Not only did she not elaborate, she acted shocked at the question!

In the film, Nikki was set to play Mousey, a tattooed, meth head transgender, who landed in jail with Butterfly (Kristen Stewart), an autistic transgender.

“It’s a great project, and obviously I have a lot of faith in Kristen and her mom, Jules Stewart, who wrote the script and is directing it,” Reed told MTV News March 23, 2009, nearly six months after the film supposedly began pre-production. “Kristen is playing a boy, and I am playing a man who is quite a few years older than she is. I am working more on my accent. Mousey is Mexican, and she comes from a very specific place in Southern California.”

What do you think happened to K-11? Did it just fizzle, as films often do, or is there a bigger issue between Nikki and Kristen?

–Kirstin Benson

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