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Lady Gaga's Latest Loopy Move! She Scrawls On Her $5,000 Birkin Bag With A Sharpie!

Tue, April 13, 2010 5:43pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 24 Comments

Ladies, I hope you’re sitting down! Not only does Lady Gaga get to skip the waiting list for a Birkin– but what does she do when she gets her hands on one? She doodles on it with a marker!

Lady Gaga’s crazy get-ups and costumes rarely phase me anymore, but her latest move has left me shocked — I would like to think even little Suri Cruise would have more respect for a classic Hermes Birkin bag! Don’t get me wrong, I always thought it was kind of weird that Lady Gaga, who dresses so eccentric, would carry a classic white Hermes Birkin bag (it doesn’t really match her get-ups) — but I never would have thought she would take a sharpie marker to the super expensive luxury item! When she arrived in Japan today, Apr. 13, she showed off the brand new graffiti on her bag, which said “I love little monster, Tokyo love,” in Japanese. Considering that the pricey purses start at around $5,000 and women wait for months to get their hands on one, I don’t know why Lady Gaga would opt to mark it up. Maybe it’s all the traveling she’s doing on her tour — although when I’m flying, I usually keep myself entertained with some music, a book, and a nap. Lady Gaga, once again goes to show you, how she’s so not like us!

-Katrina Mitzeliotis