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Kate & Jessica: The 2 Most Eligible Blonds In America – What They Want In A Man!

Tue, April 13, 2010 8:49pm EDT by Add first Comment

Kate Gosselin and Jessica Simpson are both sexy, single blonds. But they have two VERY different ideas of what they’d like their next boyfriends to be like!

Kate Gosselin and Jessica Simpson are barely six years apart in age, but they have radically different ideas of the perfect guy. But what are these two blond reality stars looking for?

“I’m just looking for a normal man!” Jessica, 29, told US Weekly April 12. “That’s it!”

As for mom of eight Kate, 35, she told RadarOnline that she’s looking for “somebody that can deal with really heavy baggage….older, wiser.”

Well, luckily these two ladies have to help them out! We’ve found the perfect guys for BOTH women!

If the Price of Beauty star is looking for a regular guy, then she should totally set her eye on Jake Gyllenhaal! How perfect would THAT be? Jess and Jake, 29, reportedly had crushes on one another back in 2007,  and we think it’s time they acted on their attraction! It’s been over four months since Jake split with girlfriend of two years Reese Witherspoon, and we think it’s time he moved on – with Jessica! An added bonus: Jake is as close to his sis big sis Maggie as Jess is to her younger sibling Ashlee. He would never hurt her – and that’s just what Jessica needs. She’s had far too much heartbreak after being dumped by dirtbags like John Mayer and Tony Romo!

Our second pick? Who’s more normal than Boston-bred average Joe Chris Evans? Sure, the 28-year-old is playing Captain America, but in reality he’s just a laid-back dude that likes to hang with his pals and drink beer. Perfect!

As for Dancing With the Stars competitor Kate, well, let’s just say if she wants an older, wiser, baggage-carrying man, who better than Hulk Hogan? The 56-year-old former wrestler is ALSO a reality star who went through a messy split with wife Linda, and currently lives with one of his two kids (daughter Brooke).  And let’s face it, although the Hulk (born Terry Gene Bollea) hasn’t always been perfect (an affair allegedly led to the demise of his marriage in 2007) ANYONE is an improvement on Kate’s ex-husband Jon, right?

As for romance novel cover boy Fabio Lanzoni, well, he’s certainly older than Kate at 51, and just LOOK at the man’s muscles! If he can’t carry baggage metaphorically, at least he’ll be able to tote Kate and her crew’s luggage literally (And she’ll get a kick of saying ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter – over and over and over again)!

— Laura Schreffler

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