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Is Jim Carrey On The Verge Of A Breakdown After Jenny Breakup? An Expert Weighs In!

Mon, April 12, 2010 8:26pm EDT by 16 Comments
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Ever since Jim announced his breakup with Jenny McCarthy April 6, he’s been on a Twitter binge – and been saying some pretty crazy things. But is he in his right mind? Psychotherapist Dr. Julie Armstrong breaks down what’s going on in Jim’s head.

Holy heck what’s happened to Jim Carrey? Ever since the 44-year-old comedian announced his breakup to girlfriend of four plus years, Jenny McCarthy, over Twitter April 6, everything seemed to be fine…until he started tweeting freaky, cryptic phrases, that is.

“I have freed Truman at long last! I am now free 2 be my whole self, which includes a somewhat contemplative nature, a yen 4 sociology,” Jim wrote on his Twitter page around 2 a.m. April 12. But the tweeting didn’t stop there… in fact it continued until 4 a..m!

“Some folks out there are worried that I stay up too late but their fundamental mistake is in assuming that I haven’t moved to Fiji! |^•snore,” Jim tweeted at 4 a.m.

Say what? Is he OK? We checked in with a few therapists just to make sure.

“Jim seems to be on a rant making terribly, insightful sayings about his life, himself, the world, and this is a condition called manic, which can be a part of manic depression ‘bipolar illness,’” clinical and forensic psychotherapist Dr. Julie Armstrong explains to “This condition alternates between deep dark depression and grandiose highs, which can be seen in his tweets.”

Interestingly, Jim tweeted about “freeing Truman”, a reference to his movie The Truman Show, in which his character lived in a fabricated world made for reality TV until he finally discovered he was living a lie.

Julie says that when Jim wrote this, he was implying that he was “not being true to himself, breaking up is breaking out of his bubble into reality, and this is Jim’s way of releasing himself from self-denial in their relationship.”

Agrees Beverly Hills, Calif. based psychologist Dr. Jenn Berman, “The behavior Jim is exhibiting is a bit manic, and it would imply that he is having a hard time with the break-up. It’s a tough time.”

Dr. Julie thinks that Jim’s state should not go untreated. “[Jim] has lost touch with reality and his reference to not sleeping is a huge indicator of bipolar disorder,” she says. “At its worst, bipolar disorder can lead to very bizarre behavior, psychosis, hallucinations and life-threatening behavior.”

While Dr. Julie thinks that Jim might have a serious problem, Dr. Jenn thinks he may have just had an off night. “He seemed a bit incoherent,” she tells us. “Possibly he had a few drinks. It’s hard to know if he was just being silly and sleepless or tipsy, or if this is a sign of something more serious.”

— Allison McNamara

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