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Wow! Tiger Made The Masters Tournament The Most-Watched Golf Event In HISTORY!

Sat, April 10, 2010 5:36pm EDT by 14 Comments
AP Images

AP Images

Elin may not want Tiger to be playing in the big tourney, but golf and ESPN executives are THRILLED!

Tiger Woods‘ presence at the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Ga., has done wonders for the event’s ratings on ESPN, New York’s Daily News is reporting. In fact, with more than five million viewers tuning in for the opening round alone, the tournament is officially the most-watched golf event EVER! “Tiger has taken sports off the sports page and put it in the front of the paper,” New York media consultant Bob Gutkowski tells the Daily News. “It’s like a car crash. People pull over to take a look at the car crash. That’s what’s going on at the Masters.”

Interesting choice of words, Bob, considering how the media first caught wind of Tiger’s scandalous situation back in November. But with more than twice as many viewers watching the tournament this year as last year, it’s kind of impossible to argue with him.

“These are not people who are going to stick to viewing golf, this is a unique situation, and the titillation factor is huge,” he says.

So tell us, BFFs — are you among those individuals who started watching the tournament just to see what Tiger would do?

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