Dr. Drew’s Advice For Lindsay Lohan: She Should Be Arrested & Sent To Rehab!

Sat, April 10, 2010 2:12pm EST by 5 Comments

Do you think Lindsay’s parents should go to such extreme measures to save their daughter’s life?

While Lindsay Lohan‘s outrageous party girl lifestyle is nothing new, it’s now become totally out of control — and it’s even attracted the attention of celebrity addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky. “If she were my daughter, I would pack her car full with illegal substances, send her on her way, call the police, and make sure she was arrested,” Dr. Drew tells RadarOnline.com. Whoa, those sound like pretty drastic measures… but maybe what Lindsay needs is a serious wake-up call.

“I would make sure she was not allowed to get out of jail,” Dr. Drew continues. “I would then go to the judge and make sure she was ordered to a minimum of a three year sobriety program.”

HollywoodLife.com has been keeping a close eye on Lindsay, 23, and while we saw her manage to keep it together April 7 at NYLON magazine’s 11th anniversary party in Hollywood, we also know that’s not her typical party behavior. She’s been seen falling down in public more than once recently, and she’s even stopped paying her rent on time!

A source even told us exclusively that Lindsay, along with fellow actress Mischa Barton, has officially hit rock bottom. “Neither of them have really taken a look at what their lives are like now,” the insider, who knows both actresses, told us. “They have been addressed by friends or confronted about their issues … but they somehow convince themselves they are fine. They’re not. They’ve hit rock bottom.”

Lindsay “lives in a world of denial,” said the insider. “I believe some of her actions [like getting powder all over her shoes] is for attention. She says she is fine, but she’s lying.”

It’s such a shame to see what’s happened to such a fun, friendly actress in just a few short years. Do you agree with Dr. Drew that jail time and rehab are the key to saving Lindsay, or are those measures a little too drastic?

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Alicia robarge

Posted at 8:55 AM on September 23, 2011  

This is what happens with celeberty kids, there parents push them so hard that they get out of control. Every parent always says we want the best for our kids but do they really mean it. Or do they just want the best for them selves if you have a talented kid and they want to become a celeberty do you get them an agent or do it your self do you tell them that they are great just the way they are or do you pick at everything thing they do everything they wear people just dont get like this. And dont think its all about the parents either its evry one imagen you make one mistake and the next day all of America knows it imagen being judged every day imagen people hateing you and loving you with out even really knowing you. Im just saying people arnt born like this and just sitting here writing about it and making interviews about it isnt helping

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Posted at 4:25 AM on April 13, 2010  

I hate to say it but I kinda agree with the guy. It’s harsh to say frame her to go to jail but damn, the girl is going to kill herself if someone doesnt do something. Where the hell is her mother? Oh I forgot, too busy parting and trying to be the cool mom/friend. Does she really care that much about fame and being cool then her own daughter? I wont even mention what I think of the dad. Like her or not, it’s not fun to watch someone throw their life away right in the public eye. It’s just sad. She did have promise and she might still if someone just intervenes. I mean, it seems to work for Britney. She is back on track. If she can do it, Lindsay could. I just hope she doesnt end up like so many young actors these days. Never fun to read about death.

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Posted at 11:07 AM on April 11, 2010  

how does this people pay the bills???? what are they living of????….amazing!

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Posted at 4:01 PM on April 10, 2010  

michael will, but her mother dina is a big part of lindsays problem. she is a co….and in denial. so her mother will have to grow up and take responsibility for being a mother and taking care of her daughter’s best interests. they both have made michael wrong about his efforts all along. i dont agree with him giving out private info, but he has tried hard to get her to go to rehab. young or not, she is an addict and has needed and will need help ongoing.it is the right thing for parent’s to do, and together.

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Posted at 11:46 AM on April 11, 2010  

michael is an idiot, but if my daughter were behaving this way and shutting me out so that i didn’t know the truth, and if her mother had proven to be so ineffective at helping her stay on the right path, i would probably be doing ridiculous things out of desperation to help her, too. michael=’s idiot. dina=’s worthless as a parent. lindsay=’s pointlessly out of control. she’s no amy winehouse, but i fear that b/c she’s not that bad, her craziness won’t be taken too seriously until it’s too late. she looks terrible, dirty, drunk, bloated, slutty, you name it. again, not as bad as winehouse, but a lesser version of that.

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