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Rihanna: Love the Happy “So Over Chris Brown” Outfit You Wore to The Doctor’s Office

Fri, April 9, 2010 11:53am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 5 Comments

Rihanna: Your wardrobe is telling us that you’ve FINALLY recovered from your Chris trauma.

And boy, your doctor is one lucky man. Apparently you’re headed to a medical appointment in LA on April 8th — in an uber-mini, maxi-legs and giant gold hoops. So cute.

And we’re wondering if you’ve decided that it’s Easter week because that’s an adorable Easter bonnet. I say, it’s great to see you out in such “happy clothes.” For almost a year after Chris Brown battered you, you ONLY wore clothes that were covered in spikes and tough-girl hardware.

You finally looked carefree and happy again at the Kids Choice Awards on March 27th, when you performed in another short-to-the-max pink and grey swirly mini dress with a cheeky black crinoline. That was your sea-change outfit — the first that signalled, you were mentally out from under the Chris Brown dark cloud. Click to see it.

We bet that your newly acknowledged boyfriend, LA Dodgers player, Matt Kemp, is part of what’s putting a smile on your face. Yesterday you finally owned up to dating him, saying ” It’s new and it’s fun and it’s nothing too serious… it’s just fun.” Well so our your new outfits!