Emma Roberts Thinks She's Too Good For Target! What Do You Think?

Fri, April 9, 2010 3:10pm EST by 8 Comments


Don’t kids just say the darnedest things? Emma I can’t believe the comment you made, you’re such a snob!

I used to think Emma Roberts looked like such a sweet, down to earth teen with a unique sense of style, but now I’m outraged! After reading her latest interview, in WWD, where she opens up about wanting to go into design, my opinion has changed drastically! Although she insists she’s, “really normal,” thinking she’s too good to collaborate with Target doesn’t seem like something an average teen would say! “I want to do something in fashion that wouldn’t be cheesy,” she says. “I wouldn’t do, like, Emma Roberts for Target. I’d want do to something more like the Olsen twins did, Elizabeth and James and The Row, something that is really cool, wearable and still unique.”

Emma, you say you wouldn’t work with a chain like Target cause it’s “cheesy” but you do know about the super cute Olsenboye line the Olsen’s created for JCPenney, don’t you? After all, you said you would like to go into design just like the famous twins, calling their clothing “really cool.” I wonder what Emma would have to say about Madonna and Lourdes’ new line, Material Girl, for Macy’s.

Emma, if you want to come across as relateable, you should come back down to earth and think about her peers for a second. Most teens can’t afford to drop hundreds of dollars on a designer wardrobe. If designers like Zac Posen and Jean Paul Gaultier can create clothing for Target, I don’t see why you’re so above it. Hopefully you didn’t realize the way your comment came across, but I have to say, it totally changes my opinion — Emma went from a lovely young starlet to a stuck up snob in my book!

-Katrina Mitzeliotis

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Miss Janie

Posted at 11:04 PM on April 12, 2010  

She just lost a ton of fans, lets see, she is 19, daughter of Eric Roberts, niece of Julia. So I am sure she didn’t have it too hard to get into the biz which of course gives her tons of freebies, which makes no sense because she has the money to buy them. Some people will never have a “designers” clothing however Target has brought classic style with Isaac, great maternity with Liz Lange, beauty product, and great designers clothes from the GO collection, and the big ones. Alice Temperly was one of the first and I still love and wear her sweater dresses. Rodarte was a big one and it was not “cheesy”. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth when a young never had to work hard for anythings come out and say such dumb sh#T but hopefully she’ll learn more about what she is talking about next time.

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Posted at 8:49 PM on April 9, 2010  

We can always buy Miley’s stuff at WalMart. It’s really affordable.

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Posted at 7:09 PM on April 9, 2010  

Seriously, what a brat. Does she not know about Jean Paul Gaultier for Target and Rodarte for Target? There’s a lot of nice stuff at Target now a days.

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Posted at 5:57 PM on April 9, 2010  

Why doesn’t she get an education first. I’m sure it’s premature to assume any design ability. Emma Watson is at Brown University as we speak.
At any rate, TARGET doesn’t need her and it just mean more stuff for the rest of us!

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Posted at 1:02 PM on April 10, 2010  

Uhmm, it’s not Emma WATSON. It’s ROBERTS. :))

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Posted at 5:45 PM on April 9, 2010  

Ahh, I have seen a lot of famous KIDS like this. It really shows that they’re still kids. Very childish. But we’re not sure if they mean to be snob or rude. You know, Kids will always be kids. Lol. Parents should probably teach their famous kids how to talk.

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Posted at 3:44 PM on April 9, 2010  

it’s like bieber and his stupid mariah comment. they’re really just dumb kids that don’t know any better. she doesn’t think you can be fashionable on a budget- which takes much more skill and artistry than being fashionable with none. they’re just dumb teens putting their foot in their mouths. i was outraged by bieber, but now i am too tired b/c they’re just stupid kids.

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Posted at 4:47 PM on April 9, 2010  

I totally agree! Working with a budget and being able to mix high and low products is the difference between the stylish and the trendy cookie cutters. I think these kids need to watch what they say.

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