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Does Gwyneth Paltrow Have Anger Issues? Or Is She Just Admitting She's Human?

Thu, April 8, 2010 3:16pm EDT by 1 Comment

Why exactly is Gwyneth — who has a seemingly perfect life — lashing out at her unnamed friends?

“Oh yes, I can be mean,” Gwyneth Paltrow tells British Vogue in a surprising new interview. “I can cave in to gossip. I can ice people out and I can definitely harbour revenge. In fact, I’m having a situation right now with a friend where I’m feeling pretty angry.” She has also admitted in the past to being “happy” when she found out a person who had hurt her was then in a embarrassing situation of her own.

All of this talk of anger of revenge really makes Gwyn sound like a mean girl!

“We may never know the real reason why [Gwyneth] is so angry,” Relationship Expert Dr. Gilda Carle, founder of, tells “She needs to understand the real reason she is upset. People who don’t deal with the real issues have outbursts like this. There is likely something else going on behind the scenes.”

But is it normal for her to be so angry? Gwyn has two healthy children, a ton of money a successful career … but she never talks about being grateful for those things!  “You can have any amount of material things, but if you’re not really happy, you can’t be happy for others,” Dr. Gilda says.

It sounds like Gwyneth just isn’t properly dealing with her anger, and it’s making her look bad.

“Everyone gets betrayed, upset, or hurt,” Dr. Gilda points out. “But when someone has hurt you, you need to learn how to forgive and remember,” which means, “forgive them, but remember that they are a hurtful person. That’s how you deal with it.”

But Beverly Hills psychotherapist Dr. Jenn Berman thinks Gwyn should be off the hook. Dr. Berman says, “She’s not a mean girl, she’s human. She is recognizing her own flaws and that is very identifiable. … When you feel betrayed or hurt, it’s very normal to feel angry … part of recovery is going through the nine steps … that’s how we go through our sense of loss. And it sounds like she’s in anger.”

Either way, Gwyn, you need to come to terms with your anger! You’re only human, but you need to confront the person who has wronged you and work things out on your own terms. When you drop comments like the one you said to British Vogue, you just come off looking petty and immature. It’s time to start enjoying your life! —Corynne Steindler & Andy Swift

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