Sandra, Why You're Right To Be Concerned About Jesse!

Tue, April 6, 2010 8:06pm EST by 4 Comments

We hear Sandra is too scared of Jesse’s potential revenge to file for divorce — and after talking to an LA family lawyer, we think her fears might be justified!

Sandra Bullock is one of the highest-earning, most powerful women in Hollywood, so it’s devastating to think she’s reportedly too afraid of cheating husband Jesse James to file for divorce. But our expert, Los Angeles-based family lawyer Steve Cron, explains how it’s possible Jesse might seek revenge and why Sandra might be right to fear him!

“Sandra understands who she’s dealing with. She understands the unwritten threat that comes along with dealing with a guy like him,” Cron explains to “Yeah…I think it’s something to be concerned about.”

After nearly five years of marriage, Sandra, 45, has separated from Jesse, 40 after news of an alleged affair with stripper Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee broke March 17. And although she wasn’t afraid to leave him, she is reportedly terrified of what he’ll say if she officially files for divorce. But as much as she may try to hide her secrets, Cron says there’s no guarantee the papers won’t come out regardless.

“If she were to file and ask that all pleadings be filed under seal, there’s probably a good chance that would happen,” he said. “But whether or not it’s a secure procedure is questionable. Once something is in print, it can be [leaked and] passed around the world in seconds and you can’t take it back.”

If Sandra does decide to go forward with the divorce, Cron recommends she file before Jesse does — otherwise, he’ll beat her to the punch and might make the files public.

Yikes. Poor Sandra! Talk about having your hands tied!

–Kirstin Benson

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Posted at 10:37 PM on April 6, 2010  

Although I have been in relationships of infidelity, I know that there are just some relationships worth saving and those that are not. If it’s about all about secrets, it’s time to pay the piper and face the music. Time to do what needs to be done.

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Let's hope there's a shred of decency left

Posted at 10:10 PM on April 6, 2010  

Let’s hope he finally thinks of his children. Being a teenaager is bad enough w/o having to deal w/ your father’s sex tapes, cheating and Nazi loving ways. Now perhaps trying to go after their beloved stepmother. Those children deserve a break and deserve to be protected from any further harm. I hope they all get good counseling b/c they are all going to need it – especially Sandra. I hope she finally learns why she chose to be w/ a snake who clearly showed her who he was – he was practically waving the red flags himself and why she ignored all her friends’ advice. Let’s hope she and Jen Aniston start getting better taste in men. We all seem to think they deserve better than the men they have chosen in the past, let’s hope they will soon agree.

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Lori Ann

Posted at 8:22 PM on April 6, 2010  

I don’t care what this Steve Coon says, I don’t believe that Jesse wants to hurt Sandra anymore than he already has. Friends are saying that even if Sandy does divorce him, he will try and make it his ambition to get her back in his life one way or another. The guy really is sick over this whole thing and he now realizes what an ass he has been for years—even before he married Sandy.

But, Sandy, being the strong & stubborn woman that she is, will not be giving Jesse her trust again. They can’t blame her but they sure would like to see Jesse happy again. Even Karla is not happy with Jesse’s treatment of Sandy. Karla always praised Sandy’s welcoming manner to her children and loved her for it. Those kids [all three] miss Sandy like the devil and the two oldest are reading all this stuff about their dad. Not a nice place for them to be in.

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Let's hope there's a shred of decency left

Posted at 10:05 PM on April 6, 2010  

Let’s hope he has the decency not to drag his family and especially his children through further humiliation. Like being a teenager is not bad enough – you might have to deal w/ your father being a Nazi loving, cheating, porn filming extortionist. These children do not deserve this pain. Sandra has to live w/ the choice she made as an adult to ignore the flaming swinging in her face flags, but the children are innocent victims in both their bad choices. I completely feel for Sandra, but no matter how nice you are to a snake or take good care of it, don’t be surprised when the snake behaves like a snake.

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