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Ninety Bodyguards, Mistress Attacks, No Elin: What You Can Expect From Tiger's First Free-For-All Press Conference Today!

Mon, April 5, 2010 10:40am EDT by Chloe Melas 4 Comments

Set your alarm clocks for 2pm EST today & tune in to our live chat during Tiger’s first no-holds-barred live press conference pre-Masters Golf Tournament. It’ll be a doozy! DON’T STONEWALL US TIGER! And THEN: Alleged mistress Joslyn James will address the media after the presser … and HollywoodLife’s Chloe Melas will be there!

Tiger‘s hired an army of 90 bodyguards armed with photos of his alleged mistresses in a full-scale war effort to keep the spurned women away. Elin‘s NOT standing by her cheating husband’s side and Tiger WILL be taking questions from 180 media outlets at today’s first freewheeling 30-minute press conference since crashing his Escalade into a neighborhood fire hydrant last Nov. 27. He may not WANT  to answer questions about the crash, the 16 alleged mistresses, the Ambien sex, his alleged sex rehab and the state of his marriage to Elin — but he sure can expect to face a heavy artillery of questions about every aspect of his scandal.

Neither his first “forgive me, please” 13 1/2 minute press conference  in Ponte Vedra, Fla., on Feb 19, nor his five-minute mini-interview on the Golf Channel and ESPN on March 21 did nothing to whet the appetite for answers. Now Tiger it’s your chance to finally fess up more EXPLICITLY about what you’ve done. You need to say more if you ever hope to win some sympathy to your side.

The press conference will air live on CNN, CNBC, Fox, Business Channel, Fox News, ESPN News, Golf Channel, HLN, and MSNBC . Now tell us what YOU want Tiger to answer. Here are my first questions: What does Rachel Uchitel know about you that’s worth $10 million versus the other mistresses that you didn’t pay off? Why, in your words, SHOULD Elin consider taking you back? How did you juggle 16 alleged mistresses when most cheaters have a hard time just juggling one infidelity?

Just for your info, Tiger is a four-time Masters champion. Now tell us what questions do YOU most want Tiger to answer. Tune in to our live chat at 2pm est!

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