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Mon, April 5, 2010 12:28pm EDT by 3 Comments


Tiger, if you want the world to see you as a professional golfer again instead of a low-life cheater, follow this advice from image expert Michael Sands at your press conference today!

Will Tiger Woods be able to reclaim his reputation as one of the best golfers in the world? The formerly squeaky-clean sports star will begin to clean up his shattered image today, April 5, during his first free-for-all press conference at the pre-Masters Golf Tournament since news of his alleged sex scandals broke last Thanksgiving. But Los Angeles-based image expert Michael Sands says the 34-year-old golfer needs to follow these specific do’s and don’ts in order to regain the public’s trust — starting with one big request: don’t do the press conference!

Michael Sands says…


1. Cancel your press conference. “Honestly, Tiger should not even show up for his media conference. I think we’ve certainly had enough of Tiger Woods…he should just go out and play his game and THEN talk about his game after.”

2. Answer questions yourself and be kind. “Tiger’s becoming the Masters’ puppet. He should take control of the conference and take questions from the press himself to show he has the control. He needs to be gracious and understanding of the press — they are just doing their jobs.”

3. Explain why you have so much security. “When asked about his large amount of security, Tiger should say he’d like to be left alone so he can heal.”

4. Be funny. “Tiger ought to crack a few jokes to break himself up. He should try to loosen up. If he’s looking for redemption, he can sort of do a tongue in cheek deal.”


1. Talk about your infidelity. “Tiger should say he wants to focus on his golf game, not his personal game. What it’s like coming back? He should discuss if he has his confidence back. He should talk about his shots. He should be consistent and stay on his game.”

2. Read from a statement like you did at your first press conference. “Tiger should do it from his heart and from his head and just do it. A good pro can come out and talk from his heart. He really has to answer the questions like a normal professional person in sports. They do it on the fly.”

Watch Tiger’s 30-minute press conference here at LIVE 2:30 EST and tell us what you think!

–Kirstin Benson

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