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Too Little Too Late, Jesse! You're Desperate To Win Sandra Back? Well, TOO BAD!

Mon, April 5, 2010 7:00pm EDT by 1 Comment

040510_jesse_james_bullock_inset_544_02_XXXXJesse, you say you’d give anything to stay with Sandy, but shouldn’t you have thought about that before you cheated on her?

Jesse James continues to cry tears of remorse over cheating on his fabulous wife Sandra Bullock. The cheater’s lawyer is speaking out on his ‘sorry’ behalf — as if it will do any good.

“When all is said and done, he wants the same people who were living in his house before all this happened to still be living there,” Jesse’s attorney Joe Yanny told People April 5. “And he wants to save his marriage with the woman he loves more than anything in his life.”

Seriously, Jesse? If you really wanted your five-year marriage to last, you wouldn’t have had FOUR alleged affairs (and with STRIPPERS, no less! Cliche much?).

The 40-year-old West Coast Chopper’s owner is done cheating, or so says his attorney, who claims, “He’s focusing on what he’s doing and trying to make himself better.”

Jesse checked into an Arizona rehab facility for “personal issues” March 26, checked out one-week later Sunday, April 4, after Sandra, 45, reportedly didn’t take his calls and then checked in AGAIN hours later — but all of that is none our business chides Yanny.

“The First Amendment was not meant to cover the sexual lives of people who are not in office,” the lawyer complained. “This is sheer voyeurism and bullying, pure and simple. It’s disgusting.”

What’s really disgusting is Jesse’s behavior! Sandra, don’t listen to any of this BS…once a cheater, always a cheater!


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