'Survivor' Shocker! Boston Rob Should NOT Have Gotten Kicked Off The Island!

Fri, April 2, 2010 10:00pm EST by 9 Comments
Courtesy of CBS

Courtesy of CBS

What the heck were the Villains thinking voting off Rob last night on Survivor?! He was the only reason I watched! UGH!

A travesty occurred on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains last night, and I’m so freaking frustrated I can barely write. How dare the Villains send Boston Rob packing? Good luck now, Villains. You’re a bunch of idiots.

For those of you non-Survivor junkies, allow me to give you the Cliff notes rundown of why you should (attempt) to be as angry as I am!

I loved three-time Survivor contestant Rob ‘Boston Rob’ Mariano not only because he was incredibly entertaining, but because he looked after his team’s well-being (ie: single-handedly building a shelter until he passed out).

He explained his ‘hero’ status during his departure interview, saying, “I put ‘em on my shoulders and carr[ied] ‘em as long as I could — but at the end of the day, this is what I get. Thanks.”

Meanwhile, Russell Hantz, a contestant infamously known for his dirty playing techniques, was insecure about Rob’s leader status…and made it his mission to get Rob off the island.

“If you’re gunning for me, you’re not gonna get what you want…not with me. You’re going to have to go,” Russell, the villain of the Villains, threatened during an interview last night — and if the 37-year-old oil millionaire has proven anything during his two stints on Survivor, it’s that he gets what he wants.

Even though he’s such a tool, I hope Russell stays on the island until the show’s finale, since he’s seriously the only contestant left who’s halfway interesting!

What do you think? Who do YOU think will be the next Survivor?


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Posted at 12:37 PM on April 9, 2010  

It’s now official. The “Villians” tribe has been renamed “the Morons” tribe. I hope noone from this “moron” tribe will win the final price.

And they won’t because even after the merge, assuming there will be one, they’re outnumbered by the Heroes tribe. Go to go “moron” tribe! Smart thinking and strategy!

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Posted at 6:50 PM on April 3, 2010  

I agree, Kirstin. Rob being kicked off was lame. Coach is the reason it happened. Throwing his vote away so he could call himself ‘honorable’..what a joke. I loved how Rob told him he was a ‘little man’ when he left. I agree with the poster who said it should have been Courtney, but since it wasn’t going to be her Coach really blew it.

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Posted at 6:47 PM on April 3, 2010  

Boston Rob was the BEST. He was the most entertaining and he will be sorely missed! I loved when he called Russell “a hobbit on crack”! So funny. Courtney is annoying and brings NOTHING to the table, and Parvoti is disgusting. They better wise up and kick her to the curb and fast!

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Posted at 10:43 AM on April 3, 2010  

The only logical vote this week is from Coach, who voted for Courtney. She’s as thin as a leaf and because of her, the Villains tribe lost the immunity challenge. The girl simply ran outta gas at the end and cost her tribe valuable time.

Are you telling me Courtney will be more valuable to the tribe than Boston Rob in subsequent contests? Members of the Villains tribe should rename the tribe’s name to “Moron tribe”, with the exception of Coach.

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Sue Moceri

Posted at 10:39 AM on April 3, 2010  

WELL NOW, that will be the last Survivor show that our family will watch. That jerk Russell has taken the enjoyment out of the program, just like last time. He’s a real tool. Can’t stand looking at him. Maybe it’s time Survivor cashed it in since they are beginning to have such uncredible people on. They all deserve getting booted, all the Villians are nobodies, and we are done watching.

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Posted at 2:39 PM on April 3, 2010  

It seems to me that Russell is not acting this way just for the show, I think he acts that way in real lifeas well.

Sue, just hang in there, Russell’s time is coming. No need to stop watching you will want to see him get the boot.

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Posted at 8:06 AM on April 3, 2010  

I am not a fan of Rob but he carried the Villains the whole time he was there. The Villains need to wake up and see
Russell for what he is, if not he will pick them off just like the last time. Russell needs to go next and Coach after that.

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Posted at 2:08 AM on April 3, 2010  

Boston Rob is the best and I hope if he gets a chance I hope he tries again. I hope all the Villains loose now quickly.

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Boston Rob Deserved to Go!

Posted at 11:26 PM on April 2, 2010  

You’re wrong. Boston Rob was annoying. He is too cocky and thinks the whole game revolved around him. I’m glad Russell orchestrated the blind side again Rob. Next to go should be Povarti.

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