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'Survivor' Shocker! Boston Rob Should NOT Have Gotten Kicked Off The Island!

Fri, April 2, 2010 10:00pm EDT by 9 Comments
Courtesy of CBS

Courtesy of CBS

What the heck were the Villains thinking voting off Rob last night on Survivor?! He was the only reason I watched! UGH!

A travesty occurred on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains last night, and I’m so freaking frustrated I can barely write. How dare the Villains send Boston Rob packing? Good luck now, Villains. You’re a bunch of idiots.

For those of you non-Survivor junkies, allow me to give you the Cliff notes rundown of why you should (attempt) to be as angry as I am!

I loved three-time Survivor contestant Rob ‘Boston Rob’ Mariano not only because he was incredibly entertaining, but because he looked after his team’s well-being (ie: single-handedly building a shelter until he passed out).

He explained his ‘hero’ status during his departure interview, saying, “I put ’em on my shoulders and carr[ied] ’em as long as I could — but at the end of the day, this is what I get. Thanks.”

Meanwhile, Russell Hantz, a contestant infamously known for his dirty playing techniques, was insecure about Rob’s leader status…and made it his mission to get Rob off the island.

“If you’re gunning for me, you’re not gonna get what you want…not with me. You’re going to have to go,” Russell, the villain of the Villains, threatened during an interview last night — and if the 37-year-old oil millionaire has proven anything during his two stints on Survivor, it’s that he gets what he wants.

Even though he’s such a tool, I hope Russell stays on the island until the show’s finale, since he’s seriously the only contestant left who’s halfway interesting!

What do you think? Who do YOU think will be the next Survivor?


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