Poor Sunny James! She Must Be Heartbroken That Sandra Bullock Is Moving Out!

Fri, April 2, 2010 9:06am EST by 6 Comments
INFphoto.com (2)

INFphoto.com (2)

What a sad image! Little Sunny James, along with her grandmother, was spotted moving Sandra’s things out of the home the actress shared with Sunny’s dad, Jesse James! The little girl must be devastated to have another family fall apart.

What a heartbreaking day for little Sunny James, 6!  Jesse James‘ daughter — who had been living with Jesse and Sandra Bullock in Sunset Beach for over a year — looks so sad as she helps her grandmother move Sandra’s things out of their home.

Sandra and Jesse were the sole parents to Sunny after the girl’s mother, porn star Janine Lindemulder, went to jail for tax evasion in January 2009 — but now that Sandra has moved out, and Jesse is in rehab, Jesse’s mom, Carol, is taking care of her.

Sandra played a huge part in Sunny’s life, helping her husband fight for custody of the little girl, and creating a safe and loving home for her. There were often photos of Sandra out shopping or spending time with Sunny, who Sandra described as “delightful” and “creative.” But on Apr. 1, in the midst of Sandra and Jesse’s very public split, Sunny and Carol helped remove Sandra’s things from the house. (Note that even Jesse’s own mother is on Sandra’s side!)

Just as recently as November 2009, Sandra pleaded for a judge to allow Sunny to stay and live with her and Jesse, instead of with Janine, who Jesse divorced in 2003. “We have now created a home where Sunny flourishes and feels safe,” Sandra said in a letter to the judge in Jesse’s custody case. “She sleeps soundly and she has her own room.”

Poor little Sunny! We really hope that her mother and grandmother support her spending time with Sandra, who has been a great influence on the little girl’s life! —Corynne Steindler


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Lori Ann

Posted at 3:39 PM on April 2, 2010  

Yes, Sunny does need support, but she is young and the details of the stories about her father isn’t bothering her as she wouldn’t understand that part of life yet. Was told that Chandler, age 14, is the one getting the questions in school. Kids can be really hurtful to each other. Jesse Jr will just not talk about it. The two older children break my heart because they can read all this crap about their father and 2 step mothers. Apparently they both really enjoyed being around Sandy and she would go out of her way, even when on location, to text or call them.

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tattood honey

Posted at 12:44 PM on April 2, 2010  

This whole turn of events, news stories, pics and finger pointing is soo dissapointing. I have thought SO much more of Jesse through the years… My husband has looked up to him for years (he is in same business). He started out from nothing and built West Coast Choppers. We never missed an episode of Monster Garage back in the day. Jesse NEVER came off as the bad person that the media is portraying.
I mean its hard for me to beleive EVERYTHING in the media. It’s almost like high school. “so in so said that she said that he cheated on you” I mean LOOK AT THESE WOMEN, do they look like HONEST people that are not just looking to get paid for bad-mouthing a celebrity???
ANd Sunny, poor baby…
I just get upset every time that I see a pic of Sandra and her together. Jesse will never know the damage he has put on that little girl. not to mention the example he has set for the older children.
It’s a shame that the AMERICAN PEOPLE are more interested in celebrity gossip than what is going on in there own country. (ie. GOVT HEALTHCARE)


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Posted at 9:28 AM on April 2, 2010  

This child is the most affected person in this scandal. Her world has come crashing around her and it’s a damn shame that at her tender age she must look at the adult world of moving on and starting again.
Her father may one day realize that she is the very best thing that has happened to him or will happen to him in this life and he must really hate himself to treat such a precious gift as though it doesn’t matter. He is making his own selfish pleasure come first, putting drugs, sex, and material possessions before a good home for his kid.
Wake the f… up Jesse.

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Posted at 8:25 PM on April 5, 2010  

just when i start calming down and feeling sorry for jesse i see this picture of sunny and feel so ANGRY again. not only does this girl have to go through all this sh!t, but the ultimate punishment to jesse will be that his daughter will think this is okay, for men to be this way. she’ll accept it in her own partners, and/or pick a daddy-ish person and try to save them from themselves. lord, i hope it’s not true and she escapes this cycle, but it just pisses me off so much that this db did that to her and his other girl… it’s different for the boy. i feel sorry for him, too, but the girls will be more f’ed up by this horrid behavior of his than the boy will probably. damnit jesse. you’ve got some serious redemption you need to pay, so you better build up your strength in that facility to keep your sh!t clean when you come out.

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JJ Hurts his son as well

Posted at 10:45 PM on April 5, 2010  

JJ’s son will have a DB as a role model – he’ll think that being a lying skank cheater is how you get women. He might in turn unless he gets effective (not all therapists are good) professional mental help – they ALL need it. Especially Sandra. She needs to figure out why she dated and married such a monster when he clearly showed her who he was and his history was there for all to see. Even JJ said that all her friends tried to disuade her from dating him. There’s no hope for JJ, but hopefully the rest of that family can heal, become better and avoid his low down behavior.

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JJ Hurts his son as well

Posted at 10:48 PM on April 5, 2010  

Oops. Meant to say, “He might in turn hurt another woman the way his father hurt both his stepmothers (DB cheated on ALL his three wives – left first for porn star, left porn star when still pregnant and dated Sandra).”

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