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HollyWho-Knew? Samantha Ronson Is Obsessed With 'American Idol!'

Wed, March 31, 2010 3:26pm EDT by Chloe Melas 2 Comments

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Getty Images

Sam, we had no idea you were so into Fox’s American Idol!  But you watch it religiously and tweet constantly about who you think should win!

Samantha Ronson is an American Idol fanatic! Sam, a celebrity deejay — and Lindsay Lohan’s ex-girlfriend — tweets about American Idol ALL the time. We had no clue super chill Sam even watched TV … let alone take her for an Idol addict. Sam always makes sure to let everyone know which contestants she’s “fast forwarding” through and which ones she “hearts.” Are  you going back and forth about who to send home tonight?  Take a peek at what Sam tweeted, and she if she influences your vote! After all, she will probably be the one playing songs from the winner!

Here’s who Sam wants to stay in the competition!

Crystal: “Wow CRystal finally did something unpredictable. I’m a fan, but she bored the hell out of me until tonight!”

Lee: “This kid lee is dope. If he doesn’t make the top two I’ll be shocked. Ok, not shocked, but sad and confused.”

Andrew Garcia: “Don’t call it a come back! Yep! the kid is back! Yay! I heart andrew!”

Aaron: “Aaron’s cute. that’s all.”

This is who Sam thinks should hit the road!

Katie: “Does anyone like Katie?”

Didi: “Oh Didi you’re flat tonight. Bummer.”

Michael: “Sorry Michael — I’m fast forwarding this one.”

Casey James: “Ok Casey James is decent. I wanna see him put the guitar down and show if he can sing because he’s pretty boring.”

Tim: “Dude how is this kid still here? I feel like I’m in a brutal hotel lounge.”

— Chloe Melas

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