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I Became Facebook Friends With Jesse James' Third Mistress – And Here's What I Can Tell You About My New 'Pal'!

Wed, March 31, 2010 6:55pm EDT by Chloe Melas 3 Comments

Courtesy of TMZ

Courtesy of TMZ

I was all set to judge Brigitte Daguerre for her alleged affair with Jesse James, but after connecting with her on Facebook, I realized she is someone I could actually become friends with!

There’s no two bones about it: Jesse James is a low-down, dirty, cheating dog. But the purpose of this post is not to focus on the slime that is Sandra Bullock’s (fingers crossed) soon to be ex-husband — it’s about the inner nature of his many mistresses’. I’m guilty of labeling these “other women” as the problem, as the vixens who stole the hearts of poor, helpless married men -but after becoming friends with Jesse’s third mistress, Brigitte Daguerre, on Facebook March 28,  I realized maybe I’ve been a little harsh with my snap judgments. In fact,  Brigitte actually seems like someone I could have been friends with under different circumstances. She comes across as humble, sincere and focused on her career.

I hate to admit it, but I imagined her FB page would be littered with half-naked photos, and her interests would include  “sleeping with tattooed married men,” but to my surprise it was quite the opposite. Brigitte’s page is NICE.  She talks about foster kids, writing, bettering herself and remodeling her home! Do I think she posted these items to paint herself in a positive light for the media? No. She even messaged me at around the same time she contacted E! Online Mar. 30 telling me, “This mess was a series of unfortunate events that I regret deeply.” She even confessed she’d been offered up to $30,000 to tell “her story”  – and that she’s turned it down. I was beginning to like her!

Brigitte even posted a comment on her wall telling her mere 475 friends , [The media] is finding every mistake I made since I was 18. But oh well, I own up to the nudie pics I did when I was a kid. It paid for art school and my house! I refuse to be ashamed … Thanks to all my real friends for loving me even when I f**k up!”

Even though my heart goes out to Sandra,  I have to admit – I do feel sorry for Brigitte.

If you don’t believe me that Brigitte is actually NICE, here’s the evidence on her Facebook page:

Activities: Taking my three dogs to the dog park, kick boxing, yoga, working with foster kids, bubble baths, reading, bettering myself, helping my friends, remodeling my home, and collecting photographs.

Interests: I love and appreciate my friends and the little family I have. Good relationships are more important than anything else. Rescuing animals, learning new things, and traveling to see how other people and cultures live.

Favorite music: Last 60’s and early 70’s rock, Old Van Halen, and Led Zeppelin.

Favorite books: I love to read! I’m kind of a bookworm … The Secret, National Geographic. I love to sit in libraries and bookstores all day!

Tell me what you think based on what you’ve read here.! Do you feel like you’ve had a change of heart about Brigitte?


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