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R-Patz — You Look Hotter Than Heathcliff Filming Your New Movie 'Bel Ami'!

Tue, March 30, 2010 1:08pm EDT by 3 Comments

Forget Wuthering Heights! R-Patz’s sexiness is going to make his new movie Bel Ami hotter than hot!

For those of you who can’t wait three looong months until June 30 to see Robert Pattinson in the new Twilight Saga: Eclipse, we think this new cinematic dish might satisfy your R-Patz craving! He’s started filming his next big hit,  Bel Ami, in which he plays Georges Duroy, a Parisian socialite who rises to power by using his good looks and suave character to seduce the world and his co-stars’ — Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci — characters. Rob has dropped the plaid, combed back his hair and jumped into a majorly seductive new role! And, we’re sure his dreamy looks and the charm we’ve come to expect from him in the Twilight saga as vampire Edward Cullen makes him perfect to play the ladies-man in this twisted, yet romantic drama!

Rob’s new film is based on the 1885 novel, Bel Ami. Meet Rob’s new character here:

  1. Georges Duroy is a ladies man who has many, many mistresses. He seduces women, and then uses them to help him climb the social chain to power and success.
  2. He comes from no money — a peasant family from Normandy.
  3. After serving for three years as a poor, non-commissioned officer in Algeria, Georges becomes a leading journalist for a popular French newspaper, La Vie Française.
  4. Marries widow Madeliene Fostier (possibly played by Uma, but not yet confirmed), who was previously married to one of Georges’ good friends, Charles.
  5. Madeliene helps Geoges write the articles that make him famous in the Paris community.
  6. Cheats on Madeliene with multiple mistresses — one of which is supposedly Clotilde de Marelle (played by Christina Ricci).

Rob’s mysterious role in Bel Ami leads us through a tumble of affairs. The main question posed in the novel is to whom Georges’ (Rob) heart actually belongs.

We think R-Patz is going to be totally hot in his new role of 19th century gentleman. But, we want to know … Do you think he will be sexier playing this new role or Edward Cullen in Twilight? Tell us what you think below and Vote!

– Lindsey DiMattina


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