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Should Elin Support Tiger At The Masters? Experts Tells Us What She Should Do

Mon, March 29, 2010 6:13pm EDT by 4 Comments

Elin, our experts agree with you! Do what you need to do for YOU — not Tiger!

With her husband’s highly anticipated return to golf only a week away, Elin Nordegren is reportedly resisting Tiger Woods’ pleas for her to appear at the Masters tournament April 8, and we can’t blame her! Do YOU think the 30-year-old mom-of-two should support her husband after he allegedly cheated on her with more than 15 mistresses?

“I think Elin at this point should not be part of Tiger’s side show,” Los Angeles-based image expert Michael Sands tells March 29. “She needs to do what she wants to do. She shouldn’t stop her life for Tiger…Tiger didn’t stop his life for her.”

Since news of his many alleged sex scandals broke last Thanksgiving, Tiger, 34, took time off from golf, attended rehab for sex addiction and publicly apologized to his wife and family. Although Elin has not decided to divorce the pro-golfer, she’s reportedly very unhappy and does not want to make an appearance at Tiger’s return tournament — a decision relationship expert Amy Levine supports completely.

“Elin should do what she wants. She’s been through enough, and by wanting to go to Sweden instead of the Masters, it shows it would likely be publicity stunt for Tiger’s image if she were to attend,” Levine explains.

However, both experts say Elin’s presence or lack thereof at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia will have major implications on Tiger’s image — and potentially even his game.

“[Tiger] needs the support to boost his ego and alleviate any performance anxiety that may result from his ‘fall from grace,'” Levine says. Sands agrees, and tells us he doubts Tiger will be able to repair his image if Elin doesn’t show.

“I think it will be a long time before Tiger can regain his positive image [especially if Elin doesn’t show up at the Masters],” Sands says, adding, “Even though Kobe Bryant was accused of something way worse, his wife stood by him. Kobe improved his image, but I don’t know if time heals all with Tiger.”

We still haven’t forgiven Tiger for everything that happened, so we can’t even imagine how Elin feels!

–Kirstin Benson

Can you imagine being in a relationship that was this open?! What do you think of Tiger’s most recently surfaced lover?

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