Surprise, Michelle McGee! Life As Jesse James' Mistress Isn't A Bed Of Roses — She's Pissed!

Fri, March 26, 2010 11:39am EST by 3 Comments

Here’s how Michelle vented her nastiness online yesterday:

Michelle McGee, you’ve been the hot topic of conversation for a few weeks, and now you’re finally talking back: “For all you internet warriors on here talking s**t…it’s easy to place judgement [sic] when your [sic] sitting behind a keyboard,” she furiously tweeted and posted to her Facebook page March 25. “Get off your God dam [sic] high horse, your s**t don’t smell like roses either. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone…in other words F**K YOU.”

Even more surprising than Michelle’s little outburst is the mind-boggling support her comments got from other Facebook users:

  1. Eugene Gryazev writes, “I love you….You are a perfect earth woman.”
  2. Melissa Kindred writes, “wow you said it people pass judgment everyday they act like they know u and what your going through its a two way street and people go down it everyday.”
  3. Corey Martin writes, “hey if i was jesse james id cheat on my wife with u any f***n day. what man wouldnt ? u always trade up never down.”
  4. Ashley Golden writes, “Stay strong girl and don’t listen to the f**kwads that say things about you. I believe you were a victim because look at all the other girls coming forward.”

And while she’s not happy about the negative attention she’s getting in the press, Michelle is definitely thrilled with her newfound fame, and all the new supporters she’s gained along the way. “Thank u for all the new follows!!” she tweeted March 12.


Montag one of ‘em?
(From The Frisky)


who side wins out …

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Posted at 4:30 PM on March 26, 2010  

i don’t judge her for being a mistress. in her twisted mind, she may have fallen in love. what i judge her for was cashing in on it at the expense of all of the children- her own, and jesse’s. that’s what i judge her for, and she deserves that. f#ck you, michelle. you put 30k or whatever it was ahead of your sons, and jesse’s kids. you deserve what you’re getting. hope the 30k was worth it, and it is YOU that needs to get off your high horse.

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Posted at 4:34 PM on March 26, 2010  

okay, but, yes, i do feel a little sorry for her. i’m human. i’m sure she had no idea of the wrath she was going to unleash. but, michelle, you’re a grown woman. you chose all this stuff. imagine what the kids feel like to get all this sh!t on them when they have no choice in the matter. you need to take what you get at this point, and shut your mouth about it and just try to do what you can to lessen the pain of the kids involved. whining about people being judgmental to you misses the point a bit. maybe you should issue an apology and ask for forgiveness and for the press to back off at least to the extent it involves snaps of your kids. going on the attack isn’t the right move, but i wouldn’t expect you to understand that on your own.

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Posted at 12:11 PM on March 26, 2010  

enough from this person already. Her timing is what is in question and then all the lies too

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