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Michelle Bombshell McGee's Son – We Do Feel Sorry For You Elijah!

Fri, March 26, 2010 1:07pm EDT by 1 Comment

It’s hard enough being a tween – can you imagine the ribbing that Michelle’s son is getting at school?

Listen Michelle – if you love your two sons – little Avery, 5, and Elijah – who looks to be about 10 – then you should disappear from the public eye and FAST! Do you understand what your son Elijah is going through? He and Sandra Bullock are experiencing the EXACT SAME torture! They’re embarassed, humiliated, furious and hurt. What son wants to know his mother is having sex, period? Let alone with an ultra-famous woman’s husband.

And what son wants the ENTIRE WORLD including all his friends and everyone at school to see his mom virtually naked! That’s the height of GROSS! Plus, according to your ex-husband Shane Modica, Elijah’s father is Jewish. So how do your Nazi photo shoots make little Elijah feel?

They make him feel like his mother doesn’t love him. Doesn’t care about him his feelings. Posing naked, having public affairs, wearing Nazi uniforms.

For the sake of your son Michelle – it’s got to stop!

–Bonnie Fuller

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