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Taylor Swift — Torn Between Two Guys! Will She Choose Cory Monteith Or Go Back To Taylor Launter?

Thu, March 25, 2010 4:06pm EDT by Chloe Melas 9 Comments

Getty Images (3)

Getty Images (3)

Taylor Swift has openly expressed her love for the gorgeous Taylor Lautner. But now things are heating up with her and Cory Monteith! Who do YOU think she will choose?

Taylor Swift is totally torn between two of Hollywood’s leading men! As you know, Taylor went bowling with Glee star Corey Monteith — but then had lunch with her ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner the very next day!

But who will she choose? Her Twilight hunk of an ex Taylor L.? Or sweet, mature TV star Cory?

We have pulled together the comments about love and relationships from the country songstress for you to compare … and then decide!

Why Taylor Would Stay With Her New Man, Cory:

She loves his show: Taylor has said “I’m really loving [Glee] right now” about Corey’s hit show on Fox.

Taylor wants to spend more time with Corey: She even said she’d love to be a guest star on the Glee! “If it did happen, I’d love to see what they would do with me.”

He’s an older guy: Corey is 27-years-old much older than Taylor L. who is only 18, and Taylor S. is 20! We at think the age difference was the reason the two Taylors split!

Why Taylor Might Get Back With Taylor L:

She still thinks he’s hot! When Elle magazine asked their April cover girl who she thought was the hottest guy in Hollywood she said,”Um, well … Taylor Lautner!”

They have nicknames for each other: “[Taylor Lautner] and I have gotten really close,” she admitted to InStyle magazine in December. “It was confusing on the set [of the movie Valentine’s Day] with two Taylor’s in the same scene. They were like, ‘Taylor, on your mark – no, not you, the other one!’ So halfway through the shoot, I said, ‘How about you guys call me Swifty and call him Taylor?’ […]

She LOVED kissing him: “It was life-changing,” she dished on the VMA red carpet in Sept 2009 about kissing Taylor in Valentines Day.

So, BFFs, you have ALL the info on how Taylor feels about these guys. Now YOU decide! Who should Taylor Swift choose?