Vienna, Watch Out! Is Jake Just a Big Ugly Fake? NEW DETAILS About His Two-Timing with His Ex!

Wed, March 24, 2010 9:55am EST by 7 Comments
Courtesy of Life & Style

Courtesy of Life & Style

Jake may seem like the clean-cut perfect catch … but it turns out he might be slicker than he looks.

To many girls, The Bachelor‘s Jake Pavelka seems like Mr. Right — he’s employed, clean shaven, well-mannered and great with the parents … but he might not be so flawless after all. Life & Style reports Jake was still texting and professing his love to his ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas, 24, after he proposed to Vienna Girardi on ABC’s The Bachelor.

Tanya met Jake on Jul. 4 2008 while he was piloting an airplane in Asheville, NC. After Jake appeared on The Bachelorette Jake and Tanya continued dating. “He had a private conversation with my dad, basically telling him he loved me and had every intention of starting a life with me.” But not too long after Jake professed his love for Tanya he told her he was joining The Bachelor so he could earn some fast cash. “He told me he was having financial problems,” Tanya tells the mag. “He told me, I know a way I can get out of this financial burden — I could be The Bachelor.”

Here are some of the reasons why Jake seems like a total fake!

He called Tanya just days after the show finished taping: “[The call] wasn’t from a normal cell phone number,” says Tanya. “I later found out it was a prepaid cell phone that I believe ABC knew nothing about.”

Jake told Tanya he was still in love with her AFTER he had proposed to Vienna: “He said over the phone, ‘Ever since that day I saw you get on that plane in Asheville, I’ve never loved anyone more.'”

Jake did it for the money: He told Tanya he’d get $500,000 to be on the show. He assured her he would only have to date the winner for 30 days to make it seem serious.

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Posted at 10:32 AM on July 1, 2010  


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Posted at 3:15 PM on April 1, 2010  

Not all pilots are skanky! My husband is one… he’s a commercial private charter pilot and has 3 happily married commercial airline pilot friends that have never ever cheated! They may be away from home alot but doesn’t mean they all cheat. Sure there’s alot of scuzzy pilots that do.. but there are also alot of cheaters that hold other jobs…just because 1 guy is a scuz doesn’t mean all men that are in that same profession. Honestly, who in the world goes on these craptacular shows to find love? NONE do. Heck even Trista supposidly met that firefighter guy (and yes I know a LOT of cheating firefighters) before her bachelorette show and they purposly cast him so they would have a “happy ending”. So yeah, just because he’s a pilot…doesn’t make him a cheat! He cheats because he can and women let him get away with it. What self respecting man that REALLY loved a woman would go on a dating show? If he did it to get out of a financial tight spot, get a second job…do some extra shifts- I know plenty of pilots who do that…or even give private flying lessons..he’s a licensed instructor..right? If he is all that he claims to be in the airline biz then he has already paid his dues and he is getting the big paychecks! Jake is fulla crap..just like most people you see on tv!

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Posted at 12:47 PM on March 24, 2010  

It’s pretty obvious that Jake is in this for the T.V. exposure. This is his third reality show in a row. Doesn’t that speak for itself? I, for one, actually believe Tanya and it will be interesting to how this whole situation unfolds once Jake is voted off DWTS’s.

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Posted at 12:05 PM on March 24, 2010  

I don’t know if I fully believe this. I think some of it may be true but I think she has come forward because she is angry that he fell for Vienna when he promised his heart to her.

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Posted at 1:35 PM on March 26, 2010  

You’d believe it if your text message box was full of this creep!!! Whish! The excuses women make for bad behavior have enabled men to treat them they way they do. UTTER CON ARTIST looking for a fool to take for a ride. Disgusting

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Posted at 10:11 AM on March 24, 2010  

He’s a pilot…enough said!

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Posted at 4:36 PM on March 24, 2010  

“He’s a pilot”………amen -

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