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Tiger Woods – You Sure Looked Uncomfortable During Your TV Interviews – Was it Because You Knew Alleged Mistress #16, Was About To Go Public?

Wed, March 24, 2010 3:51pm EDT by 1 Comment


We were highly suspicious about your sincerity during your recent TV interview – now here’s what body language experts have to say about it!

Tiger Woods gave his first interviews on Mar. 21, and finally answered questions for 5 minutes about his cheating, his marriage that’s hanging by a thread and his return to golf! But didn’t he seem kind of fakey fake? He didn’t exactly sound sincere. So now, we’re wondering if Tiger looked sooo uncomfortable because he knew there were more revelations to come this week as his alleged 16th mistress, stripper Devon James, was about to announce herself to the world on  Mar. 23 on the Bubba The Love Sponge radio show? Devon makes the salacious allegations that  Tiger paid her and another women $2,000 each for a threesome in 2006 — plus that he also sent her raunchy  sext messages. Even though Tiger claimed he was desperately sorry – “I’ve hurt so many people, and so many people I have to make an amends to- ” is he really?

Here’s  Tiger analyzed by body language experts:

On his interview:

  • “If you watch the golf channel and the ESPN interview it looked like a lot of contrived, rehearsed rhetoric.” – Dr. Lillian Glass, Body Language Expert

When he talked about Elin:

  • Body language wise you see he licks his lips and looks away a lot in discomfort” – Dr. Lillian Glass, Body Language Expert
  • “The first time the golfer mentioned his wife and children his eyes were absolutely dead, his voice had no emotion, it was absolutely monotonic. He detached himself.” – Patti Wood, Body Language Expert

He only cared about talking about golf:

  • “There are parts where he was sincere unlike his press conference like when he talked about his dad and golf, but he’s still withholding of information. He purses and licks his lips, showing he doesnt want to reveal all.” – Dr. Lillian Glass, Body Language Expert
  • “One of the most heartfelt and honest statements of his apology was this: “I convinced myself that normal rules didn’t apply.” – Patti Wood, Body Language Expert

Going to rehab:

  • “He mentioned rehab many times. It seemed a PR hype. It was rehearsed rhetoric, and when he was cutting himself down, it didn’t ring true, he didn’t believe it. There was a lot of heavy breathing which shows there was much discomfort.” – Dr. Lillian Glass, Body Language Expert
  • “He repeated his bow of submission when he admitted that for the past 45 days he has been getting help for his problems in rehab.He was highly coached not to be mad. He was holding his body still, but you can tell he was holding in his emotions. His words were strong, but his delivery was not, which indicated he was trying to hold in his emotions.” – Patti Wood, Body Language Expert