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EXCLUSIVE! New Cast Member Sheila Kelley Dishes Some Juicy ‘Lost’ Secrets!

Wed, March 24, 2010 10:00pm EDT by 1 Comment
Courtesy of ABC, Inset: Getty Images

Courtesy of ABC, Inset: Getty Images

If you’re dying to know how Lost ends, then check out these final season spoilers here at!

With just weeks to go until one of the most fascinating shows on television ends on May 23, there are still so many questions about Lost we need answered! Will it be Kate/Jack or Kate/Sawyer? What is up with that Smoke Monster? Is the island actually a real place?’s BFF Sheila Kelley is the new gal on the island, and she shared some major scoop with us!

Sheila’s character, the mysterious Zoe, suddenly appeared on the island and claimed she was the last remaining survivor of a different plane crash on March 16. But is she as innocent as she seems?

“It is one of the first things I asked the writer and the director. Is she good or is she bad? Positive or negative?” the 48-year-old S-Factor founder dished to exclusively March 23. “The best answer they gave was ‘she thinks what she’s doing is the right thing.’ It made me start thinking. There’s the whole argument that’s explored in the show about the debate about science and fate and where do they cross over. No matter how scientifically based you are, you have to take a leap of faith somewhere. It’s a theme that comes up for Zoe.”

Sheila isn’t the only one left in the dark — apparently none of the actors know what will happen from episode to episode! “It’s like life,” Sheila said. “No one can tell what the next five days are going to be. You play as fully committed as you can and whatever happens, you’ve got to move quick.”

Even though the Lost finale IS the best kept secret on TV, Sheila did give us a little insight into what’s coming up next. “The whole show right now is so much about the epic mystical story of good versus bad, and it just swings by a thread,” she teased.

What does that mean?? Are Zoe and the survivors of Oceanic 815 going to finally get answers, or will they stay lost? Sound off on what you think will happen below!

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