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Oh, Sandra — Another Nightmare! Jesse's Second Alleged Mistress Claims a Two-Year Affair!

Wed, March 24, 2010 10:21am EDT by 30 Comments


Meet stripper Melissa Smith — the kinky second adulteress to come forward in the Jesse James affairs!

Do we have another Tiger Woods scandal unfolding with Sandra Bullock‘s husband, Jesse James? A second mistress, stripper Melissa Smith, 35, has come forward according to Star. And, the similarities between this newly claimed affair and that with the first named mistress, Michelle McGee, sound oddly familiar. Poor Sandra — this “situation” just keeps getting messier and messier!

Meet Mistress #2, Melissa Smith, and learn the details of her “claimed” affair with Jesse:

  1. In 2006, Melissa claims that Jesse sent her a message on MySpace after he saw a pic of her in front of one of his West Coast Choppers cars. This was just about a year after the date of his marriage to Sandra Bullock (July 16, 2005).
  2. Jesse gave her his personal email and invited her to come to his office.
  3. Jesse called himself “Vanilla Gorilla.”
  4. They had sex the first time they met — and it was on his couch in his office at the West Coast Choppers garage.
  5. Gave her a jacket as a memento after her first visit to his garage.
  6. They had sex about every two weeks continually for two years — while Jesse was married to Sandra!
  7. All of the sexual rendezvous took place within Jesse’s office.
  8. Melissa says Jesse NEVER used a condom.
  9. Jesse liked to get kinky, asking Melissa to dress up in sexy outfits.
  10. Sandra’s name never once came up in a conversation. Melissa says he didn’t even have a pic of his wife in his office.
  11. Jesse ended the affair in Mar. 2009. Melissa believes he called it quits because he had met another woman (this is around the same time Jesse’s affair with Michelle began).

Sandra, now that this second mistress has come forward, don’t you think it’s time that you REALLY DO go meet with divorce attorneys? And the worst part is, the National Enquirer is saying that there are 11 more mistresses that have yet to come forward!

Sorry, but we don’t think you should pull an Elin Nordegren and stay with your husband, Jesse. He’s not worth it! WE SAY RUN!

– Lindsey DiMattina

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