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Elin Stayed By Tiger’s Side After He Cheated – But Should Sandra Stay With Jesse?

Tue, March 23, 2010 5:27pm EDT by 2 Comments
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Would you stay if your man cheated? What do you think Sandra should do?

It’s hard to believe, but mere weeks after Jesse James sobbed like a baby during Sandra Bullock’s Oscar acceptance speech March 7, he and his wife have contacted divorce lawyers in the wake of his alleged affair with stripper Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee. But we can’t help but wonder if the couple, who have been married for five years, will follow in the footsteps of the OTHER couple who survived a recent cheating scandal – Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren – and attempt to make their marriage work. So the question on everyone’s lips is: what will Sandra do? spoke to several relationship experts, who all say the same thing: Sandra’s marriage is over. Sexpert Dr. Victoria Zdrok tells us that Jesse’s love of bad gals will always get in the way of his relationship with Sandy, 45. “[Jesse] is attracted to a different prototype than Sandra. Obviously, both his ex-wife Janice and Michelle are hard-looking women – biker chicks – and that seems to be a part of his love map,” Dr. Zdrok explains. “Sandra is not a part of his love map, and he will always fantasize and crave a bad girl type.”

Comparing Tiger Woods, 34, to Jesse, 40, is like comparing apples to oranges. Dr. Zdork notes, “ [Tiger] was opportunistic. He’s not so much addicted to a type, but rather what is convenient. He doesn’t have a set prototype like Jesse.” Agrees Dr. Marianne Comaroto, author of Hindsight, What You Need To Know Before You Drop Your Drawers, compares, “One is clearly an addiction given the frequency, and one is clearly a violation of their absolute vows. [Jesse] was having an intimate relationship that carried on over the course of eleven months. That is not an addiction when you’re with one person.”

Because Jesse was deeply unfaithful with one woman in particular, Comaroto thinks such an emotional affair is just one more reason why Sandra needs to kick her philandering man to the curb! “That’s why [Sandra] should leave [Jesse]. That’s a major violation of trust. He’s a cheater,” she says.

Every expert agrees that Sandra’s marriage isn’t worth saving, and we have to say we agree. You only like bad gals, Jesse? Then bad gals are what you shall have — but a million Michelles aren’t worth one single Sandy.

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