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'Hot Tub Time Machine's' Rob Corddry Admits 'This Is My First Full On Sex Scene'

Tue, March 23, 2010 6:35pm EDT by Chloe Melas 1 Comment


Rob is best known for being the former The Daily Show correspondent but now he’ll  be traveling back in time!

Who needs a time traveling machine when you can use a hot tub! Rob Corddry stars in the upcoming film Hot Tub Time Machine alongside John Cusack and Craig Robinson about a group of guys who travel back in time to 1986 after a crazy night of drinking on a guys ski trip. But Rob is the first to admit that his stint as The Daily Show correspondent didn’t prepare him for Hollywood, and he’s super pumped because it’s his first “full on” sex scene! Take a look to see what Rob had to say when he opened up to Moviefone‘s Kevin Polowy.

What made him decide to be in the film:”I was literally hooked from the title page, ’cause it said ‘Hot Tub Time Machine: Based on the Incredibly True Story.’ And I was like, “Oh OK, this is funny.”

On this being his first real sex scene: This is definitely my first full-on simulated penny, which is what I’m calling it.”

What it’s like to work with John Cusack: “He can’t read. Isn’t that weird? You think a guy like that, writes for the Huffington Post, you think he’d be able to read. So sad. So sad. He can’t spell, I think we all know that by his Twitter account, if you follow him on Twitter … He is a serious dude. We know him from these ’80s comedies, and it’s not really him at all. He’s a very serious dude.”

Working with Chevy Chase: “We had dinner a couple of times, and I would sneak pictures of him, to remind myself that I was having dinner with Chevy Chase.”

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