We Were Five Feet From Justin Bieber at 'The View' And We Want To Tell You ALL About It!

chloe Mon, March 22, 2010 5:02pm EDT by Chloe Melas 10 Comments



If you want to know all things Bieber then you must watch our video!

Who has Bieber fever? We do! Justin Bieber preformed on ABC’s The View Mar. 22 and HollywoodLife.com was there to catch all of the on camera and off camera moments. Not only does Justin have a great sense of style we can personally tell you he has amazing hair and perfect skin! He was quite the ladies man while hitting on Barbara Walters and saying his new album My World 2.0 which hits stores Mar. 23 is all about girls! We loved Justin’s preformance and to make this Bieber mania even better he’ll be on The View again tomorrow! Watch our video to find out all things JB!

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