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Amazing Race: Catch Up With Joe And Heidi!

Mon, March 22, 2010 11:21am EDT by Add first Comment

Courtesy of CBS

Courtesy of CBS

Very sly detectives, you didn’t cover your tracks! Your blind u-turn wasn’t so secret!

Last night, Mar. 14th, was the last episode for married contestants, Joe, 42 and Heidi, 37. They had been leading the pack, finishing in the top for the past few challenges but last night was the end of the road for this loving couple. Even with Joe’s swollen and hurt knee, the couple trekked fearlessly through the battle field replica of WWI!

The couple had to crawl underneath barbed wire while bombs were exploding and planes were flying just a few feet above them! It might have not been real but it sure looked like it was! Joe told us it took them “45 minutes to cross. It was the length of two football fields there and two back.” They were doing such a great job until they were completely blindsided by the u-turn! Louie and Michael, known as the detectives, were the first to complete the mission and decided to push the couple back by giving them a blind u-turn. What Louis and Michael didn’t realize was that they were the only couple in front so Joe and Heidi knew exactly who were the culprits trying to sabotage them were!

After having completed the first mission in such great time the couple had to return and complete a second task of uncoding a morse code message. “Bombs were exploding, low flying planes, we were basically in war mode” said Heidi. This I’m sure hindered them, making it very difficult to concentrate on deciphering the message.

Heidi told us how Joe and her have watched all the past seasons of Amazing Race saying “I can guarantee it was one of the most difficult challenges there has ever been.” We can only imagine! The good thing is, the loss has not given them a negative attitude! Joe told us “We didn’t have a chance to win a million dollars but we have a chance to pursue multi-million dollars.” Good for them and we wish them the best of luck!