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EXCLUSIVE! Want To Be An Excellent First Time Mom? Oscar Winning Mom Marcia Gay Harden Tells You How!

Fri, March 19, 2010 3:08pm EDT by Add first Comment
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A mom of three teaches you how to be the best mommy-to-be!

Having your first baby is no easy task — it’s scary, and there’s so much you need to know! Well, we caught up with two-time Oscar winner (and mother of three) Marcia Gay Harden at the Red Carpet Launch of Pampers With Dry Max Event on March 18 in New York, and she gave exclusive tips on how to make motherhood a success.

Marcia has three children — daughter Eulala, 11, and twins Julitta and Hudson, 5 — and she’ll be starring in two upcoming films: The No Game (2010) and If I Were You (2011).

Here’s what Marcia had to say about being a mom:

  1. Advice to mom expecting: “Try to keep all the balls in the air,” she told us. “You must know that a few will drop and that’s OK. Sleep as much as you can.”
  2. Safety tips for babies in the house: “Open the eyes on the back of your head, because they’re there,” she said. “You have to sense them. We definitely do the close the cabinets, gates at stairs, and side rails for the beds.”
  3. Forget Slings and Strollers! “I like the BabyBjorn,” she told us. “That’s the one where they are facing you or facing out. I love that because in NYC it’s really hard to have a stroller. There are bodies moving. When I had the twins, I was a wide load. You tell me what grocery story in NYC I can go into, I couldn’t! So, it was nice to have a BabyBjorn.”
  4. What to expect from your kids’ baby years: “You’re tired,” she said. “I think of babies as a glorious hijacking and you’re hijacked. It’s not just for one year. It’s your whole life. Around 4 years-old, 5, maybe even three, some moms are better than others.”
  5. Don’t forget to make time for yourself! Maria says, “I have three kids now, so with the twins at around 3 years-old, sadly I went ‘where did I go?’ I needed to find out where I went and what I liked to do? I needed to make time for myself, not just for my husband and I, but for ME! It was so hard to do. You feel so guilty doing it.”
  6. Hobbies you can do for yourself when you’re a mom: “Read!” she said. “I love to read! I can’t live without reading novels. Suddenly, about two years ago, I said ‘I’m going to read.’ I don’t get to read every night, but I started again. It’s also nice to ski and go do physical things together.”
  7. Other moms can be annoying! Marcia says, “I’m not one of those groupie moms. You end up gravitating to the kids whose parents you think you might like to hang with.  Of course all of my mom friends are hippy moms, organic moms, the you don’t need to give your kid 9,000 toys moms.”
  8. Enjoy the cute moments! “The funniest thing this week was giving my kids allowance (for the first time)” she told us. “It just started. I said to Julita, ‘Who is the president on the $1?’ And she said, ‘George Washington.’ I said, ‘Who is the president on the $5? And she said ‘Mom, that’s so easy … Naberham Lincoln!”

We hope you enjoy these tips! And don’t worry, you’re going to do this RIGHT!

— Lindsey DiMattina