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Hey Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler! You Need To Get Your Stories Straight!

Wed, March 17, 2010 4:44pm EDT by 8 Comments
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The status of their relationship that isn’t the only thing that’s confusing about Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler! First they’re together, then they’re friends, then they’re making out in the kitchen at the golden globes, then they’re friends again in Cabo … and then they’re all touchy-feely on the red carpet!

We don’t know about you, but our heads are spinning! And for good reason. Jen and Gerard are having a really hard time keeping their stories straight!  Check out these examples of Jen & Gerrys classic “He Said/She Said” quotes and tell us if you can figure out what’s going on with them!

On Their W Magazine Shoot:

Jen: “That was one of the most uncomfortable positions to be completely honest. My leg on the left was asleep. Gerry’s right foot is sound asleep, the pain expression on my face is kind of real.”

Gerry: “We have a natural chemistry. You can see it in our magazine shoot and the film, we have a great time together.”

On Gerard’s Sweet Tooth:

Jen: “He likes sweets. Its really kind of cute. Its cake and he gets so excited, you know? At the end of the day I see Angie his assistant walking by with a cupcake and I go ‘Wait a minute, where is that cupcake going?’ I put a note in it saying ‘Are you sure you want to eat me?’ and we never saw the cupcake again!”

Gerry: “I’m known as the Cupcake King. She loves to bake too, and she thought it was fun to send me cupcakes — until she realized it was a problem and then she stopped.”

On Gerard’s Temperament:

Jen: “He’s extremely lovely and fun loving person.”

Gerry: “I’m paranoid … I am slightly addicted to anxiety.”

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