EXCLUSIVE! Kendra Wilkinson Tells Us How She Got Over Her Depression!

Wed, March 17, 2010 6:55pm EST by 7 Comments
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Have you ever had or had someone close to you go through postpartum depression?

Even though Kendra Wilkinson was living her fairytale, it wasn’t enough. After leaving former boyfriend Hugh Hefner and her reality show Girls Next Door, the 24-year-old model fell in love with Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett, got married, moved to Indiana and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Hank Baskett IV — and, unfortunately, had to deal with severe postpartum depression.

Watch this video of HollywoodLife.com‘s exclusive chat with the reality star to hear how she moved on from her slump, got her baby body back and, most importantly, how she and Hank, 27, keep their marriage fresh.

If you want to win a chance to meet Kendra, go here and learn about the SoBe Lifewater Zero Inhibitions Bracket Challenge.

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Posted at 10:34 AM on December 26, 2010  

She has NOT been divorced for three years. She said so herself in her recent interviews. I don’t like either one of them very much. They both do movies where they have to be naked or have violence or both. What kind of talent is that?? I don’t need the graphics. I have an imagination. Just do the setup and fade to black like in the old movies. Why all of this nudity and violence and showing people having sex in their movies? Is that the only way they can grab your interest? Do they have any talent at all without those circumstances? And please, Viggo, you certainly have nothing to brag about physically! I am surprised you even showsd that little thing. And Ariadna, you looked like a flat chested boy in “Appalossa”. Talk about miscasting! A saloon hooker of the old west certainly would have been busty and curvy and not looking like a boy with a horse face and no body. And we are supposed to believe that you had no help in getting that role?? If they wanted hispanic, they certainly could have used the very talented and beautiful Penelope Cruz or even the beautiful Selma Hayek. I’m sorry, I am not buying that Ariadna auditioned and fit the part when clearly she did NOT fit the part.

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Hilary Bott

Posted at 5:53 PM on March 25, 2010  

Viggo Mortensen is having an affair with a married woman —Ariadna Gil from Spain. It has been going on since he got her the role in “Appaloosa” and he even wrote and published this poem about her —- called “Un beso de esos”. Her husband recently found out and they were forced to quit the play they were doing in Spain called “Purgatorio”. He lied and told everybody that the reason he quit was because of his ill mother in the States. But now he has been photographed in Canada, Iceland and Croatia. With Ariadna Gil. He is doing reseach in eastern europe for his next role in Cronenberg’s new movie about Sigmund Freud (so much for him not being able to work because of his sick mother) and Ariadna was spotted there with him in a restuarant. Google it. There is a photo. So what are the odds that they both accidentally ended up in Croatia? She is doing a DANISH movie, which he got for her so that they could be together in eastern europe where no one knows them very well. Especially not her. She is only known in Spain. His fans are now posting on fan forums and fuming that he lied to them and that they think it is disgusting that they have been having an affair. I think he was even friend’s with Ariadna’s husband. It is great juicy gossip and easy to track on the internet and prove.

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Posted at 9:19 AM on November 28, 2010  

ariadna and david trueba have been divorced for about 3 years now. Peple never asked the question when the photos of viggo and ariadna first came out how long have she and her husband been separated instead they jump to with all kinds of conclusions and their own half baked theories about other peoples lives of whom they know very little. There is nothing wrong with 2 divorced people seeing each other si there?

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Posted at 12:15 PM on December 11, 2010  

Really Joan? Three years? How strange then that they were still appearing together and holidaying together and she was still referring to him as her husband as recently as November 2009.

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Posted at 5:58 AM on January 16, 2011  

Ariadna and her husband are separated for at least two years (I don’t know if their divorce is finalized or not), but stay friends. They share custody of their children and of course can be together to surround better their children (Viggo Mortensen himself spent holidays with his ex-wife and their son!). I don’t know when the marriage cracked but the exact date and the reasons of the definitive break are not important! When a love story died, it died. We have not to to stay during the agony!

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Posted at 12:43 PM on June 19, 2011  

clara & macbride in reply to your comments I don’t know if you have noticed , ARIADNA HAS NOT WORN A WEDDING RING FROM AT LEAST OCT 2008 ONWARDS IN INTERVIEWS, AWARD CEREMONIES AND PRESS CONFERENCES (QUITE EASY TO SPOT) even in the interview she did alongside her ex in May 09 .I don’t know what you make of that been has she had previously worn one!There was also SEVERAl occasions in july 2006 were she did not wear one. Has to believing all the gossip on some of these so called fansites for viggo it is eaXctly that gossip and your opinions are just based on PURE GOSSIP DRESSED UP AS FACT WHEN NO ONE KNOWS THE TRUTH.NO ONE KNOWS WHO OR WHAT CAUSED THE BREAKDOWN OF ARIADNAS MARRIAGE.

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Posted at 1:35 PM on October 6, 2011  

joan there have been many times while ariadna was married to david that she did not wear a ring. she was still calling david her husband in an interview in november 2010 while she was promoting a film with her brother in law.

no-one really cares any more what viggo and ariadna do but you should at least get your facts right before you present them. what you have written is just as much gossip as what anyone else has written but with less fact to support it.

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