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Cyndi Lauper & Curtis Stone: I Loved You Both On 'Celebrity Apprentice!'

Mon, March 15, 2010 6:09pm EDT by 3 Comments
Courtesy of NBC

Courtesy of NBC

It’s only one episode in, and I’m already addicted Celebrity Apprentice celebs Cyndi and Curtis!

It’s only been one episode and I’m already hooked on NBC’s reality boardroom show, Celebrity Apprentice! First off, let’s talk Curtis Stone. I don’t know if I’ve been living under a ROCK or what, but this guy Curtis Stone … he’s hot. Like, really really sexy.

And Curtis really had a chance to shine in his first challenge! It was Men v. Women and the teams had to open competing burger restaurants to raise money for their charities. Curtis’ skills definitely came in handy! And all would have gone super smoothly, if the ex governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojivich, didn’t spend the entire day defending his innocence instead of getting Joan Rivers her burger while it was still hot!

Of course the women’s team (even though they lost) is really full of the big stars. Sharon Osbourne, Selita Ebanks, and last night’s first team leader, Cyndi Lauper. And Cyndi is amaaaazing. Sure, she was a little scattered as a team leader, but she worked really hard serving her tables! She even sang “True Colors” in attempt to raise more tips for her team. Also, Cyndi is like the sweetest person ever because 1) None of her friends are rich. They’re artists. 2) Her only rich friend is Rosie O’Donnell and she totally stuck up for her in the board room when Donald Trump called Rosie “disgusting” and 3) She couldn’t pick one person to fire because she truly believed everyone did the best job they could do. (Which is true, they did.)

Also, did anyone else notice that Ivanka Trump (who I love) and Donald Trump Jr. speak the exact same way? It kind of started creeping me out after awhile. But in the end I was happy Cindy didn’t get kicked off. I want her to sing in every episode!


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