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Bonnie Says! Get Off The Hate Kate (Gosselin) Bandwagon!

Mon, March 15, 2010 7:01pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 189 Comments,,

A lot of hate has been dumped on mom of eight Kate Gosselin in the past year— but she isn’t a diva!

Kate Gosselin is a hardworking mother who now has to support eight kids by dancing! Would you really want to be in Kate’s high heels r ight now? I can guarantee you that Kate Gosselin wakes up exhausted  and in a cold sweat every day. If you had eight young children under the age of nine — six of them sextuplets! — no husband, an expensive lifestyle and bodyguard to support (and you were dependent for your income on the ephemeral world of TV) you’d be having anxiety attacks, too!

Sure, Kate seemingly had it made back when she had a steady and healthy income frocm her TLC series Jon & Kate Plus 8. But that was before her now ex-husband Jon Gosselin blew up that dependable arrangement by refusing to allow their children on TV anymore. Their divorce left Kate with a big house, divorce lawyers’ fees, no child support from Jon and no more weekly TV paychecks. Just exactly was she supposed to do? Go back to her original career, nursing? The median income for nurses in 2009 was $64, 000. Any single mom would have a hard time getting by on that with two kids!  Plus, as Kate has pointed out, she’d be dealing with 12-hour shifts.

Kate herself told People magazine: “I can not rely on the fact that Jon will be there to support the kids, so I approach it as if I’m the sole provider.”

That is not an easy place to be in life! Especially now in this recessionary world.

And listen Kate haters — I can assure you that she’s not BS-ing about Jon’s utter irresponsibility. As someone who follows the goings on of the Gosselin household, I can tell you Jon hasn’t been photographed with his kids  at all since  Feb 28. He’s MIA. Meanwhile, Kate’s taken on the assignment of Dancing With The Stars, reportedly for a minimum  of $125,000 — which is not a TON of money for someone who CAN’T downsize her lifestyle, at this point. She has to have a nanny (two in fact, because of her DWTS travel) and she HAS to keep up appearances or she’ll never get her next gig. She can’t look desperate!

Kate Carries A Heavy Load!

So Kate’s doing her best to be a “perfect mommy.” She’s installed a dance floor in her basement so she can practice with partner Tony Dovolani at home. And that dancing has to be hard. Every other contestant who’s done the show has talked about how exhausting – physically and mentally – it is. Which means, she literally has aching feet and a brain desperately trying to memorize complicated dance steps. She ‘s flying weekly from  Pennnysylvania to LA  to prep and then appear on DWTS, a torturous 14-hour round trip commute. She says she’s cooking 3 or 4 days of food, labeling meals and freezing them so her kids can have “mommy meals” when she isn’t there. She’s about to  have the pressure of performing before judges and millions of viewers every week. And she has to deal with press reports like the one in the New York Post’s Page Six today, calling her a “total diva.”  She’s accused of “behaving frostily towards crew members,” “snubbing other contestants,” and even scaring off potential Olympic skater Johnny Weir from joining the show because he didn’t want to work alongside “icy” Kate!

Give me a break. If Kate isn’t socializing on set, it’s probably because she’s having a nervous breakdown, trying to keep her kids from melting down because their lives have been turned upside down. And really, most moms of young kids are in semi-nervous breakdown mode anyway, because raising young kids —let alone 8 — is so damn hard.  And remember, Kate doesn’t exactly have a good relationship with her parents,  so there’s no support coming from there.  She’s very much on her own.

Call Off The Attacks!

As for Johnny Weir, I doubt he’d have turned down DWTS (or the chance to wear those outfits!) for any reason, let alone Kate.

But true or not, Kate ‘s a target. At least her dance partner Tony seems to have a little sympathy. He was seen picking up coffee and taking it to her house today, March 15th.  I bet Kate doesn’t actually receive a lot of nice gestures like that. Just because Kate is famous doesn’t mean she isn’t dancing as fast as she can just to keep her head and her kids heads above water.

So stop hating her and have a little sympathy  for a single working mom!

Bonnie Fuller