Kate Gosselin Opens Up About Motherhood & Her Own Infertility Issues

Sun, March 14, 2010 10:49am EST by 8 Comments
INF Photo

INF Photo

Former-nurse Kate got a little personal while talking to the crowd about modern medicine.

Kate Gosselin, 34, took a break from her busy Dancing with the Stars schedule to speak at the Women’s Expo in South Bend, Indiana, on March 13. More than 1,000 eager fans showed up to listen to Kate talk about children’s health issues, including the fertility treatments she received while trying to conceive with then-husband Jon Gosselin.

As for her own eight children, Kate told the crowd, “I strive to bring health and happiness into their everyday lives.” She very briefly shared with the crowd her experience being treated by fertility doctors and receiving the necessary drugs for the process.

The expo was sponsored by Memorial Hospital of South Bend, which explains why Kate made for a good choice of speaker. Did you forget she used to be a nurse?

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Hate Kate

Posted at 7:11 PM on March 14, 2010  

I feel sorry for her kids. They’re already acting out. Kate doesn’t really care about spending time with her kids – she’s more interested in promoting herself. Hopefully they won’t have a meth lab in the basement by the time they’re 16 . . .

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Posted at 6:46 PM on March 14, 2010  

Firstly, Kate doesn’t pay for her extensions – or much of anything! She’d into the freebies. And I seriously doubt Jon’s able to make child support payments – he’s unemployed and not on salary ANYWHERE. Kate needs to be the breadwinner. You may not like her much (I don’t), but I do admire her common sense. She cannot begin to support her family on nurse’s salary. She takes advantage of income promoting opportunities as they come along – but she’s not a sell out. You won’t find her doing anything trashy – unlike her ex.

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Posted at 4:44 PM on March 14, 2010  

She could save more money if she didnt spend to much on hair extensions and $1500 on purses and who knows how much on her clothe. If she is so concerned about the money she could cut back like everyone else in the country. She likes being in the spot light because she thinks she is going to be a movie star. I still dont think she spends as much time with her kids as she wants all of us to believe.
I have always been on Kates side but I dont thinks she is with her kids that much any more.

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Kate is One Smart Cookie !!!

Posted at 2:20 PM on March 14, 2010  

A Nurses Salary..is $45,000 to $60,000 per year divided by 9 people is almost at poverty level. ‘If you make $60,000 per year. You’d bring home $42,000 per year. (after taxes). $42,000 / 12mos = $3500 per month! With at least $1,800 rent or mortgage (for a modest home that would fit 8 kids), that would leave $1,700 to cover food for 9, clothing for 9, gas, insurance, car expenses, utilities, entertainment, sports fees, school supplies, school trip fees, gifts for birthday parties etc etc. It just doesn’t seem like it would be enough. (Don’t know where you live but here in middle income America….things ain’t cheep!!) It is a far better decision for Kate to do DWTS. She earns $200,000 just for signing on! If she wins she’ll get another $100,000 for a few weeks work. THEN, she’ll have the rest of the year to work somewhere else and make more money. Kate is smart! She uses her calculator!! This is NOT just about the spotlight for Kate.Some of the things just automatically go along with the life style she has become accustomed to. ‘So DON’T kid yourself, by saying Kate is all about Kate. ‘Kate clearly shows that she loves those children, and is already concerned for their financial future. ‘She is one SMART Cookie!! ‘Kate will Never be out of the MEDIA spotlight. ‘It is her Reality now. ‘She has accepted this,and is using it to her Family’s Advantage!!!!!

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Posted at 3:14 PM on March 14, 2010  

You seem to forget Jon pays $10k a month in child support! She is also still under contract to TLC for the new show, so she is getting paid. She has a book coming out, so she is getting paid. She just did this show, she gets $20k per appearance, she is getting paid. In the last three weeks, she has seen the kids four days and was practicing for DWTS during those days. Those kids have paid!

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Posted at 4:20 PM on March 14, 2010  

And this will go on… until the kids are 18? Kate is guaranteed to maintain her public imaged and earn this kind of dough… forever? I don’t think so. A stable family unit with two hardworking, loving parents living on a middle class income would have been a much healthier outcome.

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Posted at 5:54 PM on March 14, 2010  

~~~ Just because Kate has ambition does not mean she is not a good mother! It seems we have a double standard when it comes to women who want more than just being a mother. What about the single mothers who are actresses, CEOs, lawyers, doctors? Thses women pursued vocations that pay a helluva lot more than a R.N. If it were a man folks would not blink twice!
You can be for or against Kate. I’m sure Kate doesn’t give a hoot’s azz because:
. We DO NOT sign her paychecks
. We DO NOT pay her bills
. We DO NOT put food on her table
. We DO NOT raise her children
. We CANNOT tell her how to make a living
Jon is going to blow through his money like 90 going west! My opinion is that he will not keep up with his child support payments. Kate was okay financially, but during their separation Jon spent money erratically and frivolously (remember Jon bought Hailey a car and a 30k ring – and before Jon/Hailey split, Jon’s jeweler said Jon was designing a $180,000 engagement or wedding ring). After the divorce and after the marital finances were divided, Kate was left with debt.
So, if Kate can make $200,000 for two appearances on DWTS, I say go for it. And if Kate is ambitious, so friggin’ what! ~~~

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Posted at 12:31 PM on March 15, 2010  

I don’t care if Kate is ambitous.
I do care that she is a less than ok Mom.
I do care because she constantly tells conflicting stories stories suit her agenda regardless of who she hurts in the process.
example: just last month or so she said that the kids weren’t doing okay and that she was going to have a therapist come to the home THEN at the Womens Expo there doing great. She will say anything do anything for fame, not for her kids.

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