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'American Idol', I Am Furious With You. You Kicked Off The Wrong People Last Night!

Fri, March 12, 2010 1:47pm EDT by 8 Comments
Courtesy of Fox

Courtesy of Fox

Do you think the correct four contestants were given the boot last night?

American Idol, I usually love you. I dedicate three days of my week to you, in fact. So how could you play me like this, by kicking off two of my favorite contestants, Lilly Scott and Alex Lambert?

Despite her eccentric style and platinum-hued hair, Lilly Scott was always a quirky crowd favorite – and easily one of the best three female performers on Idol this season. My pals are furious – and from the dissatisfied rumblings in my part of the world (Los Angeles) many people are refusing to keep on watching now that she’s gone.

As for Alex Lambert, may I just say that his mullet had nothing to do with his talent? His performance of Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble” this week – while stiff – was absolutely beautiful, and he showed a tremendous amount of improvement from prior weeks. He also had one of the best voices of all the boys – it’s shocking that the craptastic Tim Urban was allowed to stay in his place.

As for Todrick Hall and Katelyn Epperly – eh. They should have gone! Kateyln screwed with Carole King this week – and as a rule, that’s not a good look for anyone.

But who should have gone? Well, you know how I feel about Tim. Totally cute – but what a trainwreck! How the judges could praise his horrific version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is beyond me. And Lacey Brown? Well, that Minnie Mouse voice of hers just drives me mad. 12 more weeks of her? Please God, no! And last but not least, what the heck is Paige Miles still doing in the competition? I couldn’t even remember her name just now – had to look it up. She’s THAT forgettable.

All in all, America – please vote right from now on! That means VOTE for your favorites – don’t automatically assume they’re going to squeak through another week just because they’re good. This means YOU, oh fans of Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan Magnus. I’ll be voting from now on. Will you?

Do you think the right people got kicked off this week?

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