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Elin — Tiger's Mistresses Say You Should Take Him Back!

Thu, March 11, 2010 9:24am EDT by Add first Comment
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Elin, the mistresses say stay … Do you want to know why?

Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods have recently been spotted kissing and hugging. And, there are reports claiming that she’s considering moving back in with her adulterous hubby. got the opportunity to query two of Tiger’s alleged mistresses what they thought about the couple reviving their marriage when we met them at the Howard Stern Show’s Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant on Mar. 10 in NYC. Elin should take him back advised Jamie Jungers and Loredana Jolie … but only for the sake of her children: daughter Sam, 2, and son Charlie, 1. Howard Stern, on the other hand, thought that Elin should leave “the serial cheater” Tiger behind!

“It’s all about their kids. [It’s] totally her call,” Jamie told us during the beauty pageant press conference. “I don’t want to me the one to say that she shouldn’t give him another chance. But, he really needs to improve some what in counseling or whatever it may be. I think there may be a chance for them to make it work … and they should try for their kids’ sake,” she continued.

Loredana agreed with Jamie: “that’s what I said before, yes,” Elin and Tiger should stay together only because of the children.

Though the two mistresses both believe that it’s in best interest of the children that Elin and Tiger work out their issues, Howard totally disagreed. He said, “If she (Elin) has any ounce of dignity, shred of dignity, she should leave! This guy is a serial cheater! I think it’s very hard to get trust back. I don’t think you could have a real marriage when something like this goes down. It’s very hard to make this go away so to speak or even live with.”

Do you agree that Elin should take Tiger back, if only for the kids? Or, should she run while she still can? Vote below! – Lindsey DiMattina

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