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EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: What to Expect from Breaking Bad's Third Season!

Wed, March 10, 2010 8:17pm EDT by 2 Comments


Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and stars Dean Norris, Aaron Paul, and Bryan Cranston share tidbits of what’s to come for their characters!

Looking for a scoop on how the dramatic events of Breaking Bad‘s season two finale will affect the characters in the third season? talked with stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Dean Norris, plus series creator Vince Gilligan, at the show’s premiere at the Arclight Hollywood March 9 to find out about death, drugs, and divorce in the southwest.

“A lot of crazy stuff happens this season; it’s more intense than ever,” Vince said. “It gets funnier — it’s got more comedy.” In contrast, he continues, “We’ve got the family coming apart at the seams, a lot of really intense characters coming up, different drug cartels down in Mexico that cause a lot of trouble for Walt and Jesse… We’ve got a lot of good times coming up.” We’re not sure if we want to hang out with someone who considers trouble with drug cartels a “good time,” but we’re definitely intrigued.

Furthermore, season three is going to be a time for change — for everyone. “I think that’s kind of the theme for the season — they take everybody and they just flip them,” Dean told us. “Hank goes from being an in-control kind of tough guy to almost crazy. Even becoming a drug addict and going to rehab. And Walt goes from being a family guy to getting a divorce.”

In addition to facing a separation and ultimate divorce from Skyler, Walter also must make some tough choices if he wants to continue down his current path –meaning it’s no more Mr. Nice Guy. “This year he has to accept himself as a bad guy in order to survive,” Bryan explained. “If he doesn’t do that, he won’t make it. He needs to develop the skill set that allows him to act like a criminal so that he can continue.”

But how long will he continue? “He would love to make as much money as he can over the next few months and then stop this nonsense, because he knows that he is playing with fire,” Bryan said. “Its not a good thing. But very exciting.”

And what about Jesse, whose girlfriend died from an overdose of drugs at the end of season two? “Jesse is really going through it,” Aaron said. “He is 100% blaming himself. He’s also blaming himself for the planes crashing together, so there is a lot of guilt on his shoulders and he’s just trying to live through that.”

Meanwhile, Hank struggles with a darker side of himself. “He goes from being a lighthearted guy into really being affected by his PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, which we just kind of saw a hint of in season two, but we really deal with in season 3,” Dean shared. “It starts affecting his work and home life.”

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