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Chynna Phillips & Billy Baldwin Are Back Together! Source: 'They Could Not Be Happier!'

Fri, March 5, 2010 10:38am EDT by 2 Comments
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All of the drama that was going on between Chynna Phillips and Billy Baldwin at the beginning of the week is long forgotten.

On Feb. 26, just a week after the Wilson Phillips singer returned from a rehab center, where she was being treated for anxiety, Chynna filed and then immediately withdrew a petition to divorce her husband, actor Billy Baldwin.  At the time, Billy was in New York, but he’s now back in L.A. with his wife and the two “are just totally in love,” according to a friend of Billy!

One insider tells that Chynna filed the divorce papers during “an emotional period,” and speculates that she filed just before entering the rehab center in a moment of desperation. When they were officially entered into court record on Feb. 26, Chynna immediately withdrew her decision.

“Every marriage has its ups and downs,” a spokeswoman for the couple explains. “But Chynna and Billy are committed to each other, and committed to staying married. This whole thing was a comedy of errors.”

But comedic aspects aside, a friend of the songstress revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY, “Chynna’s decision [to file for divorce] was emotional, and not thought out. She’s going through a lot of anxiety right now, with [her half sister] Mackenzie’s book out and her stint in Celebrity Rehab is airing [on Vh1].  A lot of issues from the past are coming up for her again.”

Mackenzie recently wrote a book, which she promoted on Oprah, that claims she had sex and used heroine with her and Chynna’s father, John Phillips, of The Mamas and the Papas.

But despite Chynna’s emotional, anxiety-filled year, Billy is sticking by her side. A pal of Billy told us, “As soon as Billy was done wrapping Gossip Girl, he went back to L.A.  He’s home with Chynna, and they are just totally in love. They are so committed to each other, and their three kids. Billy could not be happier right now.”

Chynna and Billy both have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.  Chynna is gearing up for the Wilson Phillips 20 Year Reunion, and Billy’s friend says “he is so excited about his role on Gossip Girl!” where he plays Blake Lively‘s dad.

The source adds, “He’s a committed dad, and she’s a wonderful mom.  And it’s almost bizarre how in love they really are.”