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Meryl Streep, I Really Want 2010 To Be Your Oscar Year!

Thu, March 4, 2010 2:28pm EDT by 8 Comments
Getty Images

Getty Images

Some people still think of Meryl Streep as a big Oscar winner — but I think of her as the Susan Lucci of The Academy Awards! Year after year, Meryl’s name gets called as a nominee, and over and over, the cameras pan to her, as she claps gracefully while another actress accepts her golden statue.

I’ve had enough! Do I think Meryl REALLY deserves to win for her performance as Julia Child in Julie & Julia? Not particularly. But for all the movies I DO think she deserved the win for: Out of AfricaAdaptation, and The Devil Wears Prada, I really think Meryl deserves to finally win her Oscar!

Did you know she has been nominated for an Academy Award 16 times, but only won TWICE? And every time I mention, “Meryl Streep never wins an Oscar!” someone inevitably starts going off about Kramer V. Kramer.  Yeah, that was in 1979! I wasn’t even born yet! Maybe people think  Meryl is a big Oscar winner because she’s been nominated SO many times … but as long as I’ve been around, she’s been sidelined.

Meryl’s an actress who has influenced those of us born in the ’80s as much as she did those born in the ’60s! And I want to see Meryl win one of these things before she is too old to walk up on the stage and accept! Academy, if you’re listening, the “Meryl for Oscars 2010” campaign has officially begun!


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