Jessica Simpson Controversy: Why Is It Worse To Be Called Fat By The Media Than To Be Betrayed Publicly By Your Ex Boyfriend?

Thu, March 4, 2010 11:16am EST by 7 Comments

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Bonnie thinks it’s worse to be betrayed by someone you loved! Here’s why

Jessica Simpson: in your Oprah interview, you said that your lowest point in the past year  was the “mom jeans” situation — when you were criticized for gaining 10 pounds. Why does that seem worse to you than having your ex-boyfriend, John Mayer tell the world that you were sexual crack and that he was literally addicted to you sexually? You only admitted to being “a little bit angry” with John over his invasion of your privacy.  But you seem a whole lot angry with everyone who created an uproar over you being “fat”.

Personally, I think they were both terribly humiliating situations that no woman should have to go through, but  I guess I personally think it’s worse to  be betrayed by someone that you once loved and who you thought had loved you. So what do YOU think?  Check out my video discussing it and tell me now or vote. Thanks BFFs!


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Posted at 4:44 AM on April 8, 2010  

How anyone can call Jessica Fat is beyond me. I dont know if its just a minority of us but curvy women are so sexy compared to the stick figures that they call models /

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lauren chamberlain

Posted at 6:42 PM on March 5, 2010  

fat is relative, i see people making these ridiculous statements about how much weight she gained- why should it matter to her. it was easier for jessica simpson to focus on the fat issue. at least it’s something she could choose to discuss without feeling exposed just to satisfy the needs of the audience. it’s very revealing that she chose to focus on being called fat rather than exposing her humiliation that someone she trusted enough to be intimate with had betrayed her in such a vulgar manner. i believe she didn’t want to reveal how deeply hurt and embarrassed she was having the man she dated and cared for talking about their sex life- commenting on her as though she was sexual merchandise. oprah should have had a tiny light of insight into why jessica couldn’t go there. this was embarrassment laced with betrayal in the most uncouth manner. no doubt she was more devastated having the most intimate part of herself publicly aired, and realizing she was so intimate with someone who could be lower than scum. would you really want to expose that humiliation, bring all the attention to your intimate self in front of the live & t.v. audience, give him that power and satisfaction publicly as well- honestly? are we so hooked on the public humiliation of a celebrity we just wanted what we wanted?- bonnie? she didn’t leave you with much to run with taking the route she chose. how about we think for ourselves and think about the fact that after all the glitz, money and privilege, she is still a human being. we all bleed when we’re cut. why should she give that arrogant worm the power and satisfaction of seeing her public humiliation?
and for everyone who thinks jessica is so stupid, you might want to compare your accomplshments and bank accounts. if she never does another concert or movie, she has a design empire. anyone who buys the dumb act is not too smart. and why would you allow your husband to make you think you should be able to keep up with jennifer lopez without all of her advantages and all you already have to do? you can’t be judged by your appearance unless you accept the judgement. does he keep up with tom cruise, or george clooney, or whomever you think is hot, i doubt it. he knows he doesn’t have to, and why is that? he only expects it becaue you told him he could. let it go and be the best you can be. why would you want him otherwise? you look like a beautiful woman but beauty is only skin deep. why do you think beautiful women get divorced and dumped just as often as plain women? hot guys get dumped the same as ordinary ones. before you ask, yes, i’m married with children and grandchildren. i used to get standing ovations for my butt. the reality is, no matter what you do, that time will pass. you don’t really want to look scary like they do as they pretend they look young with those bizarre looking faces and inhuman looking boobs. please stop giving your power over to men. btw, i’m not a jessica simpson fan. don’t like or dislike her.

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Posted at 3:41 PM on March 5, 2010  

I’m really looking forward to her new show, and hopefully it’ll really get the message across about what real beauty is. All the things that went down with Mayer, I think it’d be good to see something new and refreshing from her. She’s actually coming to NYC next week, 3/10 for a live performance and to give fans a chance to ask her questions. I think it’d be a great opportunity for anyone interested who’s in the area:

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Posted at 9:18 AM on March 5, 2010  

More like 60 pounds she put on. And what is the big deal with John Mayer basically saying she was an animal in bed? He did’nt go into explicit detail. So how was it a betrayal? Take it as a compliment and forget about it

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Posted at 4:50 PM on March 4, 2010  

I think being publicly ridiculed for your weight is much worse in our screwie culture. First, Mayer gave her a compliment. Second, no one cares about what someone says about their ex. On the other hand, women are judged by appearance and men are judged by their financial success. That is just a fact, like it or not. Men are are expected to work hard and make money. Women are expected to work hard too, by keeping the cookie out of their mouth and working out. Losing any hotness for a woman is to be avoided at all costs. Don’t think for a second that things are changing because the world thinks 40 ish actresses like Jen Aniston, Courtney Cox or Angelina Jolie are beautiful. Notice that women now work much harder and spend much more $ to look 20. From Madonna to Lisa Rinna – clear examples of how we are expected to age now (or shall I say not age). Will I be able to relax when I am 60? Well, I better run now and go push my pre-schoolers in the jogging stroller. I am 38 and still need to look super hot. After all, Denise Richards and Brooke Burke still do. So lets face it. My husband and everyone else knows it is “possible with a little work” to do so and if I don’t then I am lazy and “let myself go”. So all you celebrity bitches like JLo or Gweneth Paltrow that want to complain about how hard you have to work to age in the entertainment industry and keep a career, I do NOT want to hear UR BS. You force women like me to live up to UR example and I do not have a trainer, a nutritionist, a cook or even a babysitter to watch my babies will I work out. I am the maid, cook, chauffeur, babysitter, who has a full-time job who also is expected to look amazing and make my husband happy.

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Get a grip

Posted at 1:43 PM on March 4, 2010  

I do not think an ex saying essentially to the world you are amazing in bed should crush ones self esteem. Embarrassing? Yes. Privacy invaded? Yes. Devastating? No.
The media brutally stating to the world you are unattractive and a poor dresser is far more hurtful to ones ego. John has proven himself a total cad. Kissing and telling at his age (at any age)….pathetic.

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Posted at 11:56 AM on March 4, 2010  

This just goes to show that Jessica is a dipstick. I have really tried to like the girl. That’s why John used her up like that and turned around and blasted her business. He knew she was too stupid to care about it. Jerk!

And if she wasn’t going to tear a new one into John, WHY the hell was she on Oprah? Such a waste of time. We don’t care that you were called fat. I thought the mom-jeans thing happened OVER a year ago. It won’t be the last time the media will call her or anyone else fat. Why care if you KNOW you look good? Because Jessica has dealt with her body issues since she first started out in the business. It’s time to get a therapist and get over it. Seriously.

…wasting time on Oprah like that.

Silly girl! John basically said that you were a long-term jumpoff. That’s code for, you’re only good for sex.

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