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Jessica Simpson Controversy: Why Is It Worse To Be Called Fat By The Media Than To Be Betrayed Publicly By Your Ex Boyfriend?

Thu, March 4, 2010 11:16am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 7 Comments

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Bonnie thinks it’s worse to be betrayed by someone you loved! Here’s why

Jessica Simpson: in your Oprah interview, you said that your lowest point in the past year  was the “mom jeans” situation — when you were criticized for gaining 10 pounds. Why does that seem worse to you than having your ex-boyfriend, John Mayer tell the world that you were sexual crack and that he was literally addicted to you sexually? You only admitted to being “a little bit angry” with John over his invasion of your privacy.  But you seem a whole lot angry with everyone who created an uproar over you being “fat”.

Personally, I think they were both terribly humiliating situations that no woman should have to go through, but  I guess I personally think it’s worse to  be betrayed by someone that you once loved and who you thought had loved you. So what do YOU think?  Check out my video discussing it and tell me now or vote. Thanks BFFs!