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Oy Jen! You're Taking Schlubadub Mom Too Far!

Thu, March 4, 2010 6:44pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 3 Comments
Fame Pictures, Getty Images

Fame Pictures, Getty Images

Jen, we totally admire that you’re a hands-on mom, but you’re also a Hollywood star — you have to find time to comb your hair!

Listen Jennifer Garner, millions of moms of young children who don’t have a net worth of over $90 million, get themselves out of the house, looking more pulled together than you. You and hubby Ben Affleck have amassed a fortune — your new HUGE hit film Valentine’s Day has raked in $101 million so far; you can definitely afford a housekeeper and a nanny to give you some help.

That  doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take little Violet ,4, and Seraphina, 1, to the park and pre-school yourself. It’s fantastic that you do! But girlfriend, you are going to run yourself ragged without help. You’re bone thin and your roots are miles long. Jen — give yourself a break and even a pedicure — we’re worried about you!

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